When this exaggerated article(in the screenshot below) was covered by Kuensel on our personal issue, we were dumbstruck to say the least. We have never reacted to any of their covers on our OAG/ACC issues so far out of respect for their role in the society but this is simply over the top.  We wonder if the paper sustains simply by covering all cock-and-bull theories on our family.

Below is the response I and my siblings have written to be published in the "My Say" column for tomorrow which may or may not get printed. But just in case it does not get printed, I am publishing here our stand to the story:

This is in response to the article on your paper titled “Cheri Monastery accuses former Gup of encroaching onto its land” dated 15th July 2017. It makes one wonder if there is a severe dearth of news that even the reputed national newspaper, in desperation, has resorted to covering private issues of private citizens. If it is otherwise, it points to several other possibilities that would question the credibility and the ethics of Kuensel and its reporters who are mandated “that the nation shall be informed”.

Clearly, Kuensel has been doing much more than just informing the nation. It has been putting people on public trial and prematurely convicting them merely based on suspicion and distorted facts even before the law of the land can take its course. If the advocates of law and justices have targeted to educate the journalists through their workshop for the media houses (covered by Kuensel in its article titled “Naming and Shaming of suspects is wrong, say justices” dated June 27 2017), then the justices who were quoted with such impressive statements may be disappointed with the knowledge that the workshop was all wasted effort and that it had merely turned into another story for the reporters.

Our father, a man of no significant name, has been given more headlines than even a celebrity is due since the last three years. No other person charged by the OAG/ACC has been put in the limelight to such an extent. Still, the family has never contested that stories should not be covered; we have only requested that they be covered factually and not fictionally based on their “sources” whose intentions need close scrutiny if the reporters, if at all, abide by ethical practices.

A business has to sustain and reporters have to fulfill their responsibilities by ensuring continuous flow of stories. No one must stop them from doing their job. But it would dumbfound any reasonably thinking person when one is continuously highlighted in the front page and the same media house also covers back-to-back, a story on the same person’s private land and fences on it. Who in this country owns a land that does not have a demarcation issue? The fence was built on our private land as per the demarcation in accordance with the law. Unhappy neighbours may contest or unhappier neighbours may become the “sources” of these reporters but must a private issue become the national news? Many landowners in this country would have land demarcation disputes with their neighbours but that hardly calls for government offices like the Thromde or the media house like Kuensel to dirty their hands based on their questionable relationship with the potential “sources”.

The reporter in this case pretended to present the story neutrally by quoting our father. But that is what some smart reporters do to protect themselves and their office. Nonetheless, the bigger question here is, how does a private issue merit space in the national newspaper, especially in an age where “privacy” is a big issue everywhere in the world? More importantly, why did she do it?

Now that the reporter has turned into a trendsetter, we hope that she will continue with the trend, and that every landowner with disputes, and with a fence around their own private land will be covered. We look forward to reading them.

By Children of Naku


On the notice sent by Thromde, their concerns on our private fencing is even more flabbergasting.  We have waited more than a decade to receive our lagthrams which they have simply kept pending. But one neighbour sends them an SMS (because of course, with this fencing, access to this neighbour's place who does not even share a boundary with us is getting blocked), a dozen Johns from the Thromde flock to our place and harasses us and then sends us one threat notices after another.

Flipside of this story : The neighnour in question is one of their colleagues. With such protection that Thromde bestows on it employees, I hope to seek employment there soon so that I may enjoy the same privilege and victimize those I am not in favour of.
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    Our Media has learned from Our Big Brither(Indian)and it became the platforms for the Journalist earn money for such type of news.

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