**The Fence is symbolic in my life for many reasons and in many ways and found its way to be a muse this lunch break. I love writing poems (although the frequency at which I pen them undermines that feeling) for the reason that poems are subject to individual interpretation and none need ever know the source from where they sprang forth and therefore, one may never feel subjected to exposure and depletion. The other two poems were written years ago but I am re-posting here for your reading pleasure, that is, considering you are the one of those rare breeds who can endure attempts at raw poetry until its last word.

The Fence
Perhaps built to separate
The fence..
Unheeded its purpose
For the fence that stands still
Bore silent witness
To trials and tribulations
And the delights..
Of innocence and wonder
And growth
Of two young souls

By the fence, they wondered
About life’s many vicissitudes
Of karmic destiny that waited each
Children they were but
Different shades of the same colour
Subject to repeated alterations
At crests of varied monstrosity….
That life’s journey entails
Disloyal to its duty, the fence
Through many seasons sealed
The unshakeable bond of friendship

The fence had seen many winters hence
Betrayed, cold and barren…
Abandoned by the kindred spirits
Despite deep promises..
For none to falter..
Yet enslaved into striding
Divergent paths…
Yet the anguished fence waits
For fated unison of friends..
Who, unaltered in their spirit
May perhaps find trails..
Back to their beloved fence

I met Pain one yesterday, yet again
In his dark, gallant Armour
He sat mellow under happiness’ silhouette
Doubling his darkness
His eyes were intense with depths
Of destiny’s haunts and agonies

He asked if he could come by
But he came by the other day and before that too
He will sate a poet’s hunger, he promised
Give seasons to my heart
And that he’d craft my soul with a door
To his unseen, often unappreciated gains

I let him in, poor Pain and sheltered him
For many restless days and weeks
His darkness dimmed my home’s light
And muted the summer’s music
One day, I asked him to leave as gently as I could
With that ever crooked smile, he replied
“When I have cleansed your soul, I will”

Two Long Years
The fabrics that intertwined life gave way
In the two long years while you were gone
When the dreamer wept, the dreams left
For dreams are one eyed pirates bereft of a heart
Half blind, half seeing…
Perching from a sorrow-laden heart to the hopeful
Looters and deserters that they are
Looting their hopes, forsaking the barren

The solar eclipse was here once
While you were gone for two long years
The flood came too and tried to destroy us
When they couldn’t, they sent the quakes
That shook our foundation, cracked our walls
And then they sent the fire to burn our faith
They were not tyrannies of God but reflections
Of the turmoil inside the dreamer who died

Now, the siren wails the beginning of your return
It awakes all that was dead for two long years
If the dreamer had died, what had lived then?
Will you love the remnants just as you loved the dreamer?
Or will you break it more, just as them did
With good dentures and bad intelligence
Who painted the town red and deeds black?
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