Have you ever had moment when you look at somebody furiously raging at you and all you do is mute your giggle because you think the person looks so funny in anger?

Well, I was trying to combat my grogginess from a drink, OK maybe two that I treated myself for a long day yesterday and in barges a furious lady, almost lunging at me this morning. She goes on and on about how loyal to the service she has been and how betrayed she is by our lapses. I open my mouth to explain that there are no actual lapses that she mistakenly believes so but all she lets me do is allow my lips to firm an O as she goes on and about.

“Ma’am, if you will allow me to talk. Maybe I can explain things and draw a clear picture for you”, I offer after hearing her out.

“OK” says she.

“On the..” I start speaking

“You cannot do this to me; charge me for something I have not used….”, she goes on and on again for another five minutes.

“I fully agree with you but o…” I make an attempt again.

“I am not as much concerned by the amount than I am by… ”, there she went again.

I realized her mind was already conditioned by her belief and no amount of explaining was going to help. In fact, my attempt to explain seemed to aggravate her more. So, I let her go on and on, with her finger pointed at me, almost to the verge of knocking off my nose.

As I gave her the luxury of venting out her pent up emotions, I began to think how animated she looked, that I started thinking of a friend’s jokes on angry bird. I suppressed a deep need to laugh. Fortunately I managed to put on a serious face.

When she finished ranting, and stood up to go, she allowed be to say:
“Please accept our apologies for your bad experience and thank you for bearing with us”, which she accepted with a smile and that for me ends today’s part and parcel of being in a service industry. Fortunately, I still have my nose in its rightful position.
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