I have a handful of siblings none of whom resemble each other, not even our parents, almost as if we are all genetic islands. Anyone who sees us together would drop their jaws askance at our physical differences. I feel as if they squint their eyes harder and look for some sort of similarities once the introductions are made and before you ask me, I will confirm that we all share our father’s blood group and no Sirs, no neighbour's evil gaze befell our home.

Keeping the oddity of our family case aside, I am often baffled by siblings who are the exact double of the other. I have had funny incidences with a set of twins that I gave up dealing with them. The miracle of DNA fortunately makes this phenomenon easy to understand.

But what of couple who look like twins? I am surprised at how many people seem to date/marry their doppelganger, almost like twins or siblings and so, I am usually careful at assuming the nature of their relationship before the introductions are made. At a gathering that I have been to, there was an old woman and an old man in their august, sticking by together throughout the event. A man comes by with a friend and introduces the old woman as her mother.

“And he is your dad?”, asked the friend.

“No he is my uncle, my mom’s brother”, said the man.

Now, this is the kind of mistake you don’t want to make.

I have seen couples who not only resemble each other but also behave spectacularly similar against all odds of genetic science. The tall couple, the beaked nose couple, the freckled-face couple, the miserly couple, the bespectacled couple, the body building couple, the alcoholic couple, the curry-lovers, ..the list is endless. Honestly, I have never seen a Greek God date an ugly lady, except in books and movies. Confused with this pattern, I looked up online to make some peace with my mind and guess what I found?

This kind of relationship, it seems, is called twinning. Remember Brad and Gwyneth?

The reason for this trend of choosing your doppelganger as your partner according to my find is that people generally have deceptively positive illusions about themselves, in appearance, traits or capabilities, and tend to look for certain likeness in their partners.

This was backed by a study conducted by the University of Illinois, where pictures of selected subjects were morphed to create different faces, and asking these unsuspecting subjects to choose. Surprisingly, they chose faces that most resembled theirs. The thought that people tend to choose their double as their partner is kind of gross but the twinning concept has made me understand better on why some couples behave the way they do.

Also, the claim that opposites attract sounds somewhat mythical now. Couple with differences breakup these days citing “irreconcilable differences”, all the more reason to take my grandmotherly advice and find someone who complements you.

Until then, have a nice weekend!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Blood groups do not pass for a DNA test, I have been told, and I have neither my father's nor my mother's blood group. So you may like to really confirm your statement with regard to that "neighbour's evil gaze". Kidding. :p

    To me, all couples look the same. 2 eyes, a nose, mouth and all those stuffs. But yeah, unless it's a complete contract like a total dark faced hubby and the fairest wife ever (or likewise), I too can't help swearing most couples could comfortably end up being misconstrued as siblings.


  2. Kinga Choden Says:


    Of all the lines and lines of of my writing in this article, you seem captured by the words "neighbour's evil gaze" as expected :)- Perhaps I touched a chord there ;)

  3. That's the funny thing about blood and resemblance. I don't quite look like my mother or my father nor my brother... nor am I adopted... but yeah everyone tells me that I have my father's voice which feels good to hear ;)

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