I always thought someone would make me very proud one day, and on the stage when the world would cheer for him/her, his/her vote of thanks would contain the sentence somewhere that goes something like "I would like to thank my wife/sister/aunt/mom/grandma Kinga Choden for her constant support without which I would not be here today". The first person I had hoped this would come from was my husband when he was part of the music industry, which he quit before he even began a possibly great path. My several brothers, nieces and nephews gave me flickers of hope here and there but they all passed, because you see, boyhood/girlhood brings on strange behaviours  depending on a teenager's numerous seasons of love.

I wondered if my daughter would be that person who would make me proud, for she strummed her toy guitar until its last fabric..But she lost interest even before the onset of her great and predictably dramatic teenagehood. I was deflated!!

But all is not lost. One of my nephews finally seems to have mustered up some courage and gave it a go. He would sing to us during family get-togethers that seems to happen every other weekend but this?? This is great! He's a singer-songwriter and plays his own guitar, but he needs watching..

Because that girl is very cute and has a voice that is sure to break some hearts!

Thanks to Atsara Entertainment for producing him. Enjoy the video!

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  1. god always sees the truth la...all is welll

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