Lower Thimphu
The years have come and gone
Where I have stayed for thirty years and more
Once lined up with endless paddy fields
Where soaked in mud and barefooted
We hunted for dragonflies and tadpoles
And mercy was a knowledge ungained
Dragonflies, we detached their tails
And filled them with tiny twigs
We rejoiced at them faltering
To fly…
Tadpoles, we collected them
In our hands and jars
And watched them for eternity
Exulting at the massacre

The mountains then had manes
Thick and lustrous,
Beautiful at daytime
Dark and mysterious by the night
Whence my sister met a woman’s corpse
And my brother a baby’s
Yet we loved treading the unknown
Compliant that we were
To magical pull of berries and flowers
Perhaps even mystical spirits
With a heart for children

Upper Thimphu
We knew them all in my hometown then
The boys who played marbles
Or the girls who aped their mothers
Where doors were kept ajar
For anyone to stay a night or two
When Happiness was contagious
And everybody had it
And the vices of human trait
Was foretold but least foreseen

My hometown was quiet and somber then
With unsullied beauty of a maiden
Hopeful and ready for a life’s journey
And with a spirit for tall tales
Of inevitable adventure and hope
Of love and happiness..
This is the hometown I remember
My hometown of lovely hues
That cradled and nurtured me
For what I receive, I may give

Its mane receding, vanished paddy field,
Dragonflies and the tadpoles
And berries, flowers and the mystical touches
I have turned one too many strangers
The T-Town
My multiples have spread and crowded
Taking all we can find to bereave of

The hometown to give
For our vibrant colors of evolution
That we so delight in
The madness of disease and dying
We have greeted unto ourselves

So atop a hill, they perched a reminder
Of the forgotten beauty that once was
For this hometown’s gifts in bounty
To remind us of our origin
And our road to perdition
To pause a moment and give thanks
For our lives, for this moment
Before it unfolds into a new dawn,
A new beginning, a new year…

Happy New Year Y'All! :)-

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    Hi there, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this post.It was inspiring.
    Keep on posting!

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