I had a visitor yesterday; a friend I haven’t seen in a long time and we chatted up about his business after he quit his job. Strangely he revealed how happy he is being his own boss after he nearly went into depression in the job that he quit. He said he wasn’t the most laudable employee but that he wasn’t naturally insincere; he was made to be one, by the working environment he was in. His bosses despised him for it but they couldn’t simply lay him off because he knew too much and he was a threat to them.

“If you were suffering, why didn’t you ever expose them? How does it help to swallow your pride and compromise yourself for the wrong reasons” I asked

The number of members of the opposition party standing up against the direct appointment of BBS MD Tshering Wangchuk, by the government during the Parliament session, as aired during BBS News session yesterday was really appalling(http://www.bbs.bt/news/?p=46418). The discussion was murky but perhaps that is just a reflection of a society that we are turning into.

Democracy was gifted by our Monarchs to empower people by involving them in the functioning of the State, but since 2008, people have unreasonably abused the freedom vested in them. Does anyone realize how negative we have turned and how engaged everybody is in finger pointing blame games? It makes me wonder where all the peace loving and tooth-baring Bhutanese that once used to be have gone? Our once longsighted, peripheral vision has escaped us and what remains of it just sees our short term longings. Everybody seems to be grouped in one political party or the other, including the ones pretentiously unbiased as required by their posts, depending on who will serve your interests better than the other, and for some section of the society, who can afford a fitting zipper for their lips! For businessmen, they eternally and faithfully stand by the party that wins. I have turned paranoid to the extent that if you told me, I would easily believe that even the dogs in T-town have vouched their loyalty to different parties!