I feel both awed and dismayed at the dynamics and struggle, the back and forth play for power in the battleground of offices. The contention for power, for praises and promotions often saturates the workplace to an extent that it will casually seep onto you even if you just intend to mind your own business at your own desk.

My friends in the civil service has similar things to say – of how office politics is defamed by people with corrupt practices, sycophants who vie for perks at the cost of others' opportunities, because you see, office politics in itself need not necessarily be so bad and manipulative.

A friend confided that he was once approached by an international vendor willing to feed him extravagantly and how his conscience guided him to report the incident and blacklist the company from participating in the tendering process. As my friend learned later, he was only offered as a practice that would have seemed normal elsewhere. As he unraveled this experience to me, I wondered how many of us would have had the courage to resist the temptation of climbing the straight ladder to monetary success? Really, it makes me wonder how difficult it is to be a good, karma-fearing, conscientious person and how easy it is roll downhill on a pack of fat cheque from where there is no such thing as a return trip.

Everyday I keep wondering if these practices have harmed us one way or the other – the roads that last longer in faulty mode than in its best form, the Project leaders involved in government constructions in and around the country, the riches of the rich people from unethical practices if hearsays are anything to go by and the ways of the politicians as a general rule of thumb and I think “Yes of course, they have! Silly me!”

In the dominion of office politics, people often sell their soul to the devil and basic human traits of humility, trust and loyalty are only theories. In the past eight years of my working life, I have seen people being singled out and victimized for no obvious reasons, while some who played their cards well were lifted to an altogether different strata.

And where women are concerned, that’s going to make a rather interesting story but I will keep mum on this for the moment..

But the tales are not always as bad as it is made out to be. We have as many good examples as there are bad – people who will keep our hopes alight to continue
the journey filled with dark alleys and dungoen monsters. Office politics has come to be a natural phenomenon with varying degrees in any working environment and not all of them are bad if you stay true to your moral and ethical values. Besides, it helps if you have people liking you.

Expand this view to national level politics, we have political parties with varied personalities but the ones who stand out are often seen as charismatic, compassionate and considerate but having learned a bit or two about how politics can feature a person, sometimes I wonder if these personalities are just staged for a different facade in public view or am I just being bitter about it? On the other hand, would people who have no twists and turns about them be clever enough to run the country?
Talking about roads, I have no idea how different freeways are from expressways but the recently built speed breakers on Thimphu-Babesa expressway is simply ridiculous. Two weeks back, I was on my way to the Babesa Auto Spa on a lazy Sunday morning when suddenly, I hit the unpainted, invisible to a lazy eye on a lazy day, speed breaker and I felt my heart almost fly out through my mouth. If my car could speak, I bet it would have shared the same experience.

Some friends shared similar stories of how they flew by, because of the speed breakers, that some of them even thought they were bidding their end.

So, the question here is, were they really built for safety and as a friend said, how long would it be when they would sheepishly take them off as they had done with many other things around here?
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  1. sancha rai Says:

    The thought you have shared here was very much relevant to everyday proceedings in Bhutan now and then...it had happened for so long and gonna happen throughout, if every system remains the same Bhutan will ruin soon...Nicely written

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Aum Kinga,
    The outpourings of a frustrated dreamer and an idealist - a person after my own heart :)

    It is a dog-eat-dog world out there. I hope you accept that reality and learn to be wary. Not to say that you should change in any way. Imagine where this world would be if every one were to call for an eye for an eye. This world is still a livable place because there are still those of us who set store by values such as fairness, chivalry, thadamtsi, etc.

    Any way, you know that there is nothing laudable about successes obtained through unfair means. It is only those who may not rest on the laurels of their own merit that they need resort to foul play.

  3. Kinga Choden Says:

    @Sancha Rai - I bet this is prevalent everywhere around the world, only shockingly much more rampant in a peace loving small society like ours.

    @Anonymous - no arguing with you because as you say, there are still those around us whom we can look upto, only we need a strong system to root out the filth from our society..

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