A man is born and bred so he can set his own goal for the journey of his life, irrespective of whether he reaches there, because in the end, it is never about the goal..it is all about the journey. A common man's usual goal is either prosperity or happiness. Yet, Buddhist practitioners may see this as mediocre wherein a man is led to revolve in his own circle of Karma. This confusion has led me to write the piece below. Help enlighten me if you please!


Life’s unending promises drive many
To the illusions of gold and riches
Or the hues of love and happiness
The assumed purposes above mediocrity
For a man to define himself

So on a lifelong journey sets he
Sweat on his brows
Ideal Dirt on his hand
Often beyond redemption
For dreams that crowned his mind

Yet filled with pride, he’d claim
“All was naught if not for my family
To dust would I turn one day
It’s not for me to take
But for them to keep”

And he would turn and burn
One mediocre purpose for the other
Damaging his life brick by brick
And piling them on his dreams
All for nothing…

Until he’d sink at the very bottom
Of a life too forgotten
And in wonder, he’d ask himself
If he made it or broke it
The lackluster of a life he’s lived
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  1. Beautiful poem madam Kinga. Loved it.

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