The last few weeks, some friends commented when they saw me with what’s happened with your idol lines. I feel for Shashi Tharoor and the untimely demise of the beautiful woman he seemed besotted with. I have been reading news on this ever since his wife was found dead in a hotel. Man, what bad luck! And of all the time, it had to be just before elections! Or wait, maybe it is timely afterall! To bring down somebody as potential a candidate as Shashi Tharoor- it would take the just person he most loved. And here I was hoping all the while that he would possibly be the next Indian Presidential candidate! The turn of events in such a thing as politics is bizzare – some rise, others fall; whether this is all justifiable or fair is mind boggling. It’s a game for the thick skinned because they will either build a shrine around you or entomb you alive depending on which side of the game you are on. Only the tough ones will prevail…

And while I am waiting for Shashi Tharoor to rise like a Pheonix, I have found another one to admire. I found this fellow while switching from one channel to the other and landed up on NDTV where a discussion on the riots created by the Aam Aadmi Party was in full swing. The man stood out from the rest of the panelist from not only coming out as pragmatic and confident at that but also from his rocking hairdo that has time travelled all the way from the Victorian era.

So, I opened my laptop and did a little research on him. I find out that the man who goes by the name Suhel Seth is notable for his brutally honest opinions and is primarily a branding and marketing guru, just the thing that I am so much in love with these days. It also turns out that he is a man of many talents: an actor, a debator, a writer among others. In appearance, he reminds me of someone midway between Einstein and Elton John but otherwise, he reminds me of myself from the future or perhaps the next lifetime.

You can read an article he wrote at : and look at the way he writes! Gee, doesn’t it melt you like chocolates?

By contrast, Bhutanese men who come on panel discussions not only seem to blabber away but also makes one wonder if they are simply lip syncing with voices coming out from an isolated tube elsewhere from both the facial and speech expressionlessness in their conversations. They neither smile nor fold in anger, and the strings of words they speak seem to pass on a straight line without as much as a slight rise in pitch. This is the case with both the guests and the host, except maybe Namgay Zam, which is possibly the reason for her rise to stardom except in the domain of spoken Dzongkha.

What could be the possible cause of this Bhutanese expressionlessness? Dearth of facial nerves? Limitations in vocal chords?

But on other hand, if tomorrow, somebody started twisting his brows all over place while on show as a panelist, he could be an instant outcast and not without making headlines in Bhutanomics and its counterpart that goes by the name “Let’s stop Bhutanomics” (Isn’t it amazing how Newton’s third law of equal and opposite reaction applies everywhere??).

Talking about Bhutanese expressionlessness, I had a glimpse of the talk show hosted by Dawa yesterday night, with two members of NC, Lekey Dorji from PDP and the admirable Kinga Tshering from DPT to talk about NC’s reservations in future to the likes of concepts such as that of Economic Stimulus Plan(ESP). All five of them were brilliantly expressionless!! But of course, there was one among them, probably an economist, who spoke pretty well albeit without flinching even the slightest of his facial nerves.  And while you are reading this, let me go do my sneaky little background research on that fella!
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  1. Langs Says:

    Haha. You seem to be doing so much research on him. I get a feeling that you could be him in the female form in Bhutan. Let me know if you ever attend a panel discussion. I would love to see an eminent blogger talk. Nice post as always. Let me visit the link you gave and see if it melts me. Your writings are not bad either. I like them.

  2. Kinga Choden Says:

    Hi Langs,

    Honored to be bestowed upon the title "eminent blogger" and many many thanks for liking my writings. :)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thinking politics for 2018, are you?
    You 'ld do a damn fine job! You 'll get my vote.
    But as of now you need to come back soon.
    I think you have just taken a long Sashi-sushi break.


  4. Kuenza L Says:

    Ala wai. I enjoyed the description of the Bhutanese in how they are without expressions while speaking (literally smiling all alone).

  5. Kinga Choden Says:

    hh, sure I am the prime miniskirt for 2018 :)-

    Kuenza : but it's true, how expressionless we generally are huh?

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