We may own a place, a piece of land, a car or a country but can we ever really call them our own without ever struggling to protect what is ours till the end of us? Forget that, people weren’t even allowed to own their habits when smoking or chewing tobacco was banned some two or three years back at a time when it was easier to drink, dope or kill than smoke. A law is a law is a law and must be stringently applied across. However, when laws start acting funny, it calls for fiery frowns and judgments from the ones it is supposed to judge. Every single law is supposed to make things better for the society, not worse and for the record, the tobacco ban and its many amendments should have served as a lesson of sorts. But I guess, some people never really learn.

Imagine the current scenario we are all subjected to:
Increased power tariff, housing loans off the shelf, increased rents, constantly increasing rates for basic necessities such as milk, milk powder, vegetables, fruits etc…, fuel price hike every farting second, and the latest bonanza for the suffering Bhutanese – a honking 5% tax for vehicle ownership transfer!!! And all that at a wage that has cheerfully remained constant! There are two of these forces that are causing the current public misery – one that is uncontrollable due to our dependency on the neighbouring country and the other that is within the control of our authorities such as the prices at the Thimphu Centenary Farmer’s Market, sale of expired items in some shops, 5% tax of ownership transfer etc . Where this ownership transfer tax is concerned, the amount it comes down to shoots beyond your monthly wage, beyond what is reasonable and off your roof – all for the unreasonably feeble reasons for which it is levied upon us.

Really, who are these cerebral smarty-pants looking to create a dent in this world but actually deserve a dent on their heads for putting us in between a rock and a hard place?

Going at this rate, few years down the line, a majority of our population will suffer from malnutrition and irrecoverable debt while the cunning lot will take advantage of the situation and keep scraping money off the poorer lot and ye know, that is how the rich will get richer. Some master plan for wealth distribution and equality?

I know of a person who earns about ten thousand Ngultrums monthly, lives in a two-roomed apartment at three thousand bucks monthly rental charge, has three kids, a wife and an aging mother to look after. He buys minimally budgeted grocery per week, buys dry fish very occasionally for delicacy and struggles for his daily survival in the capital.

In a contradicting case, a BBC documentary claims there are more than 50,000 Japanese who are above the age of 100. The population of old age people may surpass that of children – the reason why old age diapers compete for space on the commercial shelves with that of children’s.

That is to say, elsewhere, authorities look for ways to make life more comfortable for the society, starting from the tiniest needs unlike here where regulatory authorities seem to be blindfolded and the government willingly ignorant of the general lot’s painful outcry. The world could definitely learn from us on how to run downhill and crash at the bottom.

Forget the MoIC Minister – he hardly has a presence but if the Prime Minister were still the Opposition Leader, he would have raised one helluva hue and cry and ensured, something was done about it and we would have all lauded him for it but he is the head of the government now and he does nothing?
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