This was published in the first issue of Voyager which is a travel magazine, initiated by the Committee of Tourism Associations to promote tourism in Bhutan

It was not very long ago when people had so much life and wealth in their hearts and sunshine on their faces; when doors were open to welcome anyone who knocked and strangers became friends the minute they entered homes. Of course, personal histories of many old folks has it that they knocked doors of homes that became theirs, having found a suitable love and life partner. Some who moved on after a friendly and free stay over or a brief love affair entered another home for a halt that often became permanent. As such, we have men of older generation who having been offered some dose of Bhutanese hospitality had his seeds scattered in various parts of the country and siblings who grew up to be barely aware of each other’s existence. But this was then a country, as Shakespeare would say, from whose bourn no traveler returns and truly the land of happiness where anyone was mostly happy with anyone or moved on to be happier with another.