My mother busied herself in the kitchen as soon as she arrived yesterday evening and I went in to lend her a helping hand, afterall ours isn’t an easy household to run.

“Las las dasho..nga Alu chi zhuwa taung la(Dasho..I will send a kid to get you)”, I cringed having overheard my dad speaking over the phone. I cringed because I knew who that Alu was going to be and man, it was raining cats and dogs outside. A minute later, my dad pops his face by the kitchen doorway and says “Kinga, you will have to hurry along and direct Dasho from the other parking lot to ours.”

We went to see the Project Bhutan Season 2 fashion show held at Termalingka yesterday and none was more envious than my daughter who cried that she wanted to be a fashionista. As soon as they began, I saw several guys clicking away with lenses that would have looked like rifles to my great great grandmother but nonethless, I took out my pistol and took some pictures myself. The show began with the kids gracing the stage and the audience oohhed and ahhed at the cuteness of it all, followed by determined young adults who tried their best to conceal the anxiety and the fear of being in the spotlight. But our adult models were the best...and to think we have a pool of such beauty and confidence, all in a blink of an eye and when Miss India 2011 and the Indian supermodel set the  stage on fire, they reminded me of Ostriches... although it's odd to be putting ostriches and fire in one sentence.