Nothing matches the frenzy that enveloped the whole country in 2008. People wrote and they wrote everywhere, about which political party was the best and who should win and why. Debates were flung in all directions, between friends and colleagues and between couples at mealtimes.. at home, casual dinners with friends or official dinners. Even before the real election, there were anticipation of who should hold the post of which minister and for what reasons. My mom at one point of time told us to stop talking politics at home because she came close to puking. That was how it was. Every citizen’s day began and ended with politics. Histories of candidates were excavated and examined, piece by piece. People were curious and people were hopeful for the betterment that would come into their towns and villages and they desperately wanted the person in whom they invested all their hope to win.

I am back but did I ever leave? My doubts are brimming and memories have already begun to fade..the mind is disloyal on that front, for it only looks at what it sees. Now that my feet are planted firmly on the very ground where they first learnt to trot, it feels like I have never left or like Alice in Wonderland, I just had a long, long dream where days were sunny, characters lovely and mythical and life a brief adventure from which I awoke to find myself near frozen by the frost of the wintry might. My back feels bent to a perpendicular and should I try and stand straight, perhaps I will crumble like a cookie.