New year is almost here but do you have any plans? Oh you don’t? Now, that’s boring. You see I was the same. The last time I went out for a New Year Eve celebration was with a childhood friend but I was in my teens then. But then I graduated, got married and had a kid and heck, I had a million reasons not to go out every single year. I thought I had settled down but I realize I have sunk into the humdrum part of life – a nine to five job, dinner, sleep and back to work for the last 7 years. But hey, haven’t you heard of the seven year itch whereby you take stock of your life and decide the direction forward?

The last seven years …I can’t believe I have graduated and gotten married. In some ways, it still feels like yesterday and yet the physical and mental metamorphoses are an undeniable evidence of the passing time.

Seven years back, half my head wasn’t snowed on. Seven years back, love was something mushy and simple. Seven years back, I would have never thought of wanting to kick some asses right into the next century.

But seven years have passed, and except for my thick reading glasses, nothing about me is the same. The seventh year has set a milestone in my life – professionally and personally and where I stand right now, I daresay it is a sin to bear too much contentment.

And why wouldn’t I be contented? I have a job that completely engages me, smoking cool colleagues, a loving husband, a daughter who thinks the world of me, a few friends here and there, siblings who will line up with me like an army of ants and parents who..(well, the subject of parents is hazardous since that may cause a teary rainstorm and may even choke me…so let’s not broach that topic, will ya?).

So this time, I call up my usual gang which includes my sisters and sister-in-laws and my husband for a night out to celebrate the coming of a new year.

I know I haven’t been writing in this space as much as I would like to and the lack of time is certainly no excuse. But hey folks , Happy New Year!! I wish you all have a blazing 2014!
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  1. Riku Says:

    Beautiful post, madam. Seven years back...I too have loads of things to reflect on. Keep blogging la and Happy New Year.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Happy New Year to you ... I hope the next seven years will be even more fulfilling. There are divergent views on what can be called a fulfilling life. I have no confusion - I like a life that I love. Life can be fulfilling only if you live life the way you like it --- without allowing others to decide for you - how it should be lived.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yo! happy new year to you! May you have Love, Happiness, success, health

  4. Nice post and Happy New year...:)

  5. Kinga Choden Says:

    Happy New Year to you too Tshering Dorji ..

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