My mother busied herself in the kitchen as soon as she arrived yesterday evening and I went in to lend her a helping hand, afterall ours isn’t an easy household to run.

“Las las dasho..nga Alu chi zhuwa taung la(Dasho..I will send a kid to get you)”, I cringed having overheard my dad speaking over the phone. I cringed because I knew who that Alu was going to be and man, it was raining cats and dogs outside. A minute later, my dad pops his face by the kitchen doorway and says “Kinga, you will have to hurry along and direct Dasho from the other parking lot to ours.”

My mom threw me a sympathetic look but off I went armed with an umbrella to fetch whoever that man was who seemed at that moment to hold such grave importance to my dad. When I reached the spot, I saw his fancy car with hazard lights on and the man pulled down his window when he saw me approaching. I climbed into his car and proceeded to give him directions. When we finally reached our parking lot and the Dasho man emerged from his side of the car, boy I felt like the leaning tower of Pisa and that too, for my 5’6 frame! That is of course if I were wearing my high heels.

But this is how it always is for me – the errand girl at home. In fact, my name must be the most spoken about name at home. For the same frequency of my name being called out, I could be a celebrity on any other platform with a fan base and hungry paparazzi but at home, they are substituted by orders and instructions…

“Kinga, can you check the water tanks? ”
“Kinga, can I have a cup of tea?”
“Kinga, shall we have dinner? Why don’t you lay the table please?”
“Kinga, can you go deposit this cheque into my bank?”
“Kinga, can you go renew my license?”
“Kinga, you need to go to the City Corporation and get this done”
“Kinga, somebody’s pushed the flower pot and made a mess of it. Can you clean it?”
“Kinga, the fridge is going empty”
“Kinga, do you know anyone at the BBS or the Kuensel?”
“Kinga, can you recharge my mobile?”
“Kinga, my computer is misbehaving….”
“Kinga, the internet….”
“Kinga, you have to go to the RICB..”
“Kinga, what’s for dinner? I hope it’s not ema datsi again?”
“Kinga, I need some pocket money…I can’t go empty handed to meet my girlfriend!!”

And of course, my daughter adds up the list with her orders that goes “Mummy, I need you to get my barbies/iPad RIGHT NOW!!”

or “I am sooo hungry and I need sandwich with ham, butter and cheese with tomato sauce RIGHT NOW!!”

And her “RIGHT NOW” makes me grit my teeth but more often than not, I am left with no choice but to follow the instructions. When my husband is around, I can toss half the orders to him while I can “chillax” but otherwise, I am on my own. Being the youngest daughter is giving me one tough luck but then again, I rejoice at the fact that the elders do get their share of tough luck too. For instance, my eldest brother-in-law maybe in his fifties and may hold a position of great importance at work that some might have their knees buckle with fear at the sight of him but while at home, he has to follow his instructions too. So when my father says “S, go get my reading glasses ”, he has to gather his huge mass from the floor, no matter how long that takes and go get the old man his glasses!!!
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  1. Sonam Tenzin Says:

    Well, madam Kinga is also an errand girl at home. :) But that makes you an obedient daughter and a caring mother. I like your update for it reminds me of myself_ another errand boy! Thank you for a wonderful update.

  2. Kinga Choden Says:

    Well Errand boy, we have something in common then..Cheers to that!! :-)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Good gal.

  4. K B Lama Says:

    Well, Cheche, like some one said, if you want anything done, ask the busiest person to do it. Sometimes, being indispensable annoys one.

  5. Kinga Choden Says:

    Well the problem is, KB Sir, that I am not very sure I am indispensable. LOL

  6. PaSsuDiary Says:

    Life is so good when you are so useful, it can be tiring sometimes but you know you are useful to people who mean so much to you. It's the sign that you are living a wonderful life. :)

  7. Kinga Choden Says:

    Wow Passu man, you do have great positive outlook, I'll give you that. :)

  8. Sonam Says:

    haha.. errand gal

  9. In the East we say the ox that works hard always gets the field. The ox that doesn't is let free in the forest

  10. Kinga Choden Says:

    Dorji Sir, what a wonderful surprise! Welcome back and I hope you will start writing again :)

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