Since the declaration of the names of the Cabinet ministers yesterday, sections of disgruntled social media users caused something of an online riot with disapproval and disappointment which of course still pales by far from the recent sequel of drama that we have witnessed since the general election and well, well who would have thought we would have our own blockbuster actors amongst us? Fifteen grievances? PDP supporters had many names to call the grieving ones as much as DPT supporters had splendid explanations that will read like a perfect plot. From a neutral perspective, everything that has happened in 2008 has happened in the exact manner in 2013, except that this time, the coin has flipped. And peace walk? Oh My! What next? Hunger strike?

**This article is published in Yeewong Magazine's June issue

As she sat watching a beeline of people at the polling station booth A at Chang Bangdu on the morning of the 31st May, 2013, Tandin Wangmo, the thirty eight year old candidate for People’s Democratic Party(PDP) from south Thimphu constituency couldn’t believe the unexpected turn that her life has taken, from being a struggling single, divorced mum of two to having more than a thousand supporters from South-Thimphu constituency vote for her.

Rumors are rife that the presidential debate will not be held for the general election. This, I suppose, is not welcome news for many, including myself considering that Presidential debate is the most watched debate of all the political debates telecast on BBS.

Consider this - while many might have already decided on the party to vote for, there are still many such as those who had supported DNT or DCT in the primary round, to form an opinion and decide to invest their vote in, unless of course, it is possible to get them to stream in their votes from a backdoor of unethical promises. There are also some section of people who are willing to be convinced, people who have doubts to be cleared and people who might change their mind, given they genuinely care for this country.