I had watched Ma Vie En Rose(My Life in Pink) several years back and thought what a beautiful movie that was. Some of my friends shared the same sentiments. It was a movie that addressed trans-gender and gender issues in general through the eyes of a small kid –a boy who often dressed and acted like a girl and had wanted to marry a neighbour’s son and was totally confused when people failed to see the blossoming girl in him.

Other movies with similar issues that were equally moving are Brokeback mountain and Milk.

To sympathize a person with sexual orientation gone wrong is one thing, to be related to one such person is quite another, especially in Bhutanese context where half of our people still have their minds buried somewhere in the medieval times. My first account of trans-gender issues in Bhutan was through an article titled “The Geisha of the Purple Lounge” by Jurmi Chhowing in 2009. It was about a boy from Paro who never feared to come out in the open; often dressing up in skirts and high heels and with makeup and all. Not many months ago, I saw that the boy even had a BBS documentary made on him and another person with similar issues.

Today, of all the days, an incident seems to have axed my mind that is otherwise deep sixed into the current political scenario. A twitter profile by the name LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Bhutan started following me, probing my mind to take a while and see how I feel about it.

I remember a friend from almost ten years back who told me about the city of Sodom and Gomorrah from the bible and how the word Sodomy and Sodomizing were derived. I am no expert at this still, so pardon me if I am wrong. But from what I was told, the bible was against abnormal sexual orientations. This is not quite unusual. In fact, I think any other religion would be intolerable of such a thing.

But come to think of it – what would you do if it happened to a child from your bloodline. Would you despise him, shun him and ban him from your family? Or would you chain him to the bed and hide him from the world? Or would you simply accept him for whatever he is and give him a chance at life? What would matter more - your pride or his happiness?

I am a woman but more importantly a mother, possibly with several more children on the way. What if one of them turned up one day and told me he was not born right?

I believe happiness is something that must not be postponed for the future but must absolutely be designed for the present and whatever wrong sexual orientations they may have; they have an individual’s right to live a normal life and claim their share of happiness.

LGBT Bhutan’s twitter page for me appears to be an attempt to come out and break free from society’s bondages and cages and perhaps, it is the only right that they do.
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  2. loved it. thank you on behalf of LGBT Bhutan's facebook page and twitter account and also from the entire lgbt community. thank you.

  3. Kinga Choden Says:

    Dear Karma,

    The journey may prove perilous but here's wishing you and the entire LGBT community all the luck and happiness. Go live!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful thought Madam Kinga..
    Happiness is what everyone strive for and this is the right of every sentient beings from the tiniest of an insect to us Human beings....
    We are a Buddhist nation and Loving, Kindness and Compassion is our part of Values in our every day lives unless it is shadowed by ego, pride, and hatred....You have mention the Bhutanese people is highly educated in terms of modern education and Buddhist philosophy but their thought is very Medieval, which i agree with you..
    Thank you for this wonderful share....... I support LBGT Bhutan for their good work..... TASHI DELEK.....

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