I got up this morning only to be told that my favourite Bhutanese singer is no more…Yes, you have guessed it right – I am talking about the incredibly young and decent looking person who won our hearts with his song Tam Tsi Sum.

This is a great loss for all of us..for this country. He had such a great voice and I believed he could do better than anyone we have ever had. Tam Tsi Sum, despite its romantically sad tone is a really really happy song and one that would take talent and versatility to imitate, and those without it would sound like a siren trying to sing it.

I had watched Ma Vie En Rose(My Life in Pink) several years back and thought what a beautiful movie that was. Some of my friends shared the same sentiments. It was a movie that addressed trans-gender and gender issues in general through the eyes of a small kid –a boy who often dressed and acted like a girl and had wanted to marry a neighbour’s son and was totally confused when people failed to see the blossoming girl in him.

Other movies with similar issues that were equally moving are Brokeback mountain and Milk.