A wise man I met a few days back said “I can’t believe that democracy is so embryonic in our country, yet it seems to have matured to such an extent that corruption is somewhat evident every place with some contesting candidates, established or not, executing hideous plans on a section of the ignorant lot in a bid to win their votes”. As Madam Zekom, an elderly woman from a far-flung village of two households in Punakha said, “Geykhab Nam Nam-mey marey daben”, people have metamorphosed from slackers to smart Alecks – all of that within the last five years.

Madam Zekom is an illiterate but she’s been a part of this nationwide flow and has her own opinions on candidates from various common forums telecast on BBS. For instance, she’s noticed and has doubts that perhaps Sikkim Manipal University has a student association of sorts that will lend its graduates to DCT. She mentioned that while certain youngsters for candidates have their eyeballs pinned to their slip of papers the whole time that she said “Jaab gi taago no si si mey (would be a pleasure to watch with my back to the TV)”, some others like a certain Thinlay Palden Dorji seemed like reciting the Domang and that she would rather be led by those who looked the audience in the eye and spoke with passion, for a passionless, spiritless person is least likely to convince any other person, least of all himself. She also believes that people should speak the national language with adequate fluency and what a shame it is for those who struggle with words from their national language, something that is an everyday routine or atleast a routine environment.

She said she is sixty something but dyes her hair and that she comes to the Capital city atleast five times a year. She was selling cucumbers near JDNRH when I met her.
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