I remember the first Presidential debate that was held at RTC whereby somebody from the audience asked the candidates whether they would prove the rumors right by forming alliances, possibly after the primary election round to which all the four party Presidents waived it away saying such rumors are unheard of as far as they are concerned and that they have no such intention. By alliances, I believe, it could mean replacing weak candidates from winning parties by strong candidates from parties that may lose, unless ECB has rules, at which I am no expert, disallowing such activities. It may also mean the losing party agreeing to pool in all their and their supporters’ votes for the party they have formed an alliance with.

Despite all the assurances that such alliances and deals will not be made, rumors of the possibility of such deals are all over the place. This is worrying because this is all about loyalty to your party, loyalty to your supporters and ultimately, loyalty to your country – all of which can be summed up to define patriotism.

When we talk about loyalty, some people talk about the loyalty of Druk Nyamrup Tshogma(DNT) since the founders of DNT were previously PDP candidates. I personally think that is not an issue of loyalty at all. When ideologies and principles begin to collide and diverge, it is only reasonable that they form a separate party with those ideologies as party agendas. This is called being true to oneself and to what one would believe is best for the country. However, if a separate political party is formed based on self-ambition, then their loyalty would be questionable.

Loyalty is a wonderful human quality and a critical factor for a good politician. It should not matter to a good politician if his party loses as long as he believes in his party’s agendas and stands firmly by them for as long as he is in politics. When a candidate tumbles out of one party and hops into the bandwagon of another, that candidate will think of nothing beyond his own ambition. Such persons are what we typically call Chamchas and will do more harm to the party and the country than good because really, honor is an impossible trait in them.

However, I would love to be proven wrong and have all our candidates sticking to their respective parties and not mish-mashing around. I think we all love our toh and tsoems to be served in separate bowls. But if they do mix around as predicted, who knows we just might get confused enough to press the wrong button! Now they wouldn’t like that one bit, would they?
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Aum Kinga,
    I suppose despite ourselves, we cant help but be naive. We ought to know better. Brace yourself - filth is due in the coming days. It is amazing how dirty we Bhutanese can get.

  2. Kinga Choden Says:

    I am sure there more than meets the eye and it shows in the election results of the primary round. I personally thought DNT has good no. of potential candidates overall but they lost by a great margin even to PDP. DNT did well in the common forums but the result of yesterday's election says something about common forums! How blind and unfair Bhutanese are!! So obviously, there are lot of things going around, the only explanation how one party loses from places where they were promised full support. People have sold their souls to the devil-whatever that devil maybe. But hopefully, PDP and DPT will give each other a stiff competition in the next round..

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Kinga
    I wasn't talking of selling the soul - more like not having one :)-

  4. Kinga Choden Says:

    I would say its the one and the same thing..when you sell your soul, you are left without one mena

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Agreed! but you have to have on in the first place to be able to sell it mena.

  6. Kinga Choden Says:

    I believe we were all born with one but people barter it along the way..huh..is this argument necessary at all?

  7. Anonymous Says:

    LOL ... no it is not necessary at all. Failing that, we can agree on a compromise: whatever souls are on sale or sold already, are not worth losing our sleep over. What do you say?

  8. tension Says:

    Political parties in Bhutan does not have a marked difference in their political ideology... Rather than a political ideology, its more a party slogan.. there was nothing much in their manifesto to back up their ideology.. so, i feel, it is better to replace weaker candidates by better ones (esp from DNT)..it will be better for BHutan and its people..

  9. Kinga Choden Says:

    Dear Tension,

    I see your point. As in the case of United States, when Hillary Clinton lost the battle to Obama, she backed him up because as Democrats (vs Republicans), they more or less want the same things for the country.

    It is reasonably understanding that DNT should support a party they believe would bring forth good for the country as they think they would endeavor to achieve but ours is a confusing scenario. While some of them would support a party they believe in, others as rumors have it are being bought in hordes - the very context of selling one's soul as in the discussion with the chap above. Ours is treading on a murky turf lo :)

  10. lled Says:

    dear miss kinga .i do agree with you about loyalty however put ur self in a candidates shoe .Even if U have the best intentions for ur dzongkhag ,however u donot even get to represent ur self just on basis of the whole party being voted not individuals.You lose time and money,most of all u lose ur heart. Now it was not any body joins politics to keep his or her loyalty to the party its about wanting to serve people wanting to the old places where they grew up and wanting to develop that place i think that is loyalty enough ,i mean it should be about loyalty to the place.Every one is oppurtunistic when a persona puts his heart and soul to join politics and he is not even given a chance to represent himself and he sees another way through which he can go ahead i believe its ok .ibelieve we all would do the same thing

  11. Kinga Choden Says:

    Dear lled,

    In the article above, I talked about loyalty in entirety but as you say, loyalty may tread different path; loyalty to your people, loyalty to your party, loyalty to the country - each of which must be given more priority than the other. Loyalty to the country, and to the people always comes foremost. Thus, I agree with you.

    Only when a person is opportunistic and sees nothing beyond his gain can brew futuristic trouble.

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