Well, for the last two months, I formed the council of ministers at home save for the post of the Prime Minister – my dad held that post undoubtedly…. I maintained whatever needed maintaining at homefront, made foreign policies with our neighbours and others, managed much of our means of communication and transportation, maintained and implemented our domestic trade policies, even managed all financial issues..come rupee crunch or not and fulfilled all the duties required of each ministry. And the result? I am reduced by one tenth of my already meager mass…well, not really meager. I would like to think I have enough flesh and bones in my body but perhaps it’s just another tale of the Emperor’s new clothes.

Take for instance, the day my mom returned home from her two month long sojourn to gradually relieve me of all my severely mind-numbing duties, I heard a knock on our door and saw a young man and his two elderly companions.

“Aloo..Apa Chinna yoega? (Hey kiddo, is your dad at home?)” the eldest of them asked me.

I said that he went out and I couldn’t be sure when he would return.

“Aye yoega? (Is your mom home?)”, he asked again while the other two watched hawk-eyed.

“Yoe la (yes she is)”

Their body language indicated that the next thing they would do would be to take off their shoes and come trotting in but I held by the door rather defensively.

“Gachi gi ko lay inna mo la?(What is it about?)”, I inquired.

“Eenn…campaign bewa wongmi sa..(We are campaigning)”…that explained the hawk eyes. When you are in love, your pupils dilate but when you want votes, the whole of your eyes expand.

“Which party is it for?” I asked gaining a certain momentum myself.

“Oh it’s for NC election”, the same man explained. I looked at the youngest guy standing there who looked like the most probable candidate standing for NC election, given the trend of 27 and 28 year olds eyeing the NC chairs.

“Lobey gom ma threy. My mom is not very well to be seeing visitors at this time. ” I explained. I assumed they would probably do a bit of brainstorming to me then on why I should vote for the fellow by the door who at another time and place could have gone for another townie zandrey but assumed a rather important stance at that moment to be standing for NC election from one of the most power-packed constituencies in the country. And I imagined asking some few, if not many, intelligent questions and making a good impression of myself and perhaps they would say “we met a rather impressive girl who knew a bit about here and there…”

But instead…

“Yaya aloo…we will catch up with your dad then..” the man said and off they disappeared. So much for making an impression!!

I closed the door after them and went back in wondering of what age they supposed me to be… My family members laughed at me later and said perhaps they thought I was a fifteen year old, given my tiny built and the old man’s defective eye sight for the entire rinchengang gi ari on my forehead!

After the men left, I went to my mom to see if she was up from her siesta. Well, she was there up and awake alright. She then looked at her bedside table which over the last two months had gathered a blanket of dust (well, ask me, Thimphu is unbelievable!!!) and said “I could plant some chilli saplings on this table and watch them grow…” So much for my ministerial duties! The Prime Minister at home took all the credit but tossed the blame.

Talking about chilli saplings, the last time I went to the vegetable market…I saw a bunch of different looking greens. I picked it up and sniffed around it for some aroma, to see if it could make a good dish. There was nothing. I asked the seller what it was and he said “Ni Aycha inn aloo”..
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  1. Rekha Monger Says:

    Interesting narration, enjoyed every bit of it :)

    Even people mistake me for a teenager and creates blunder sometimes lol...but its an advantage sometimes. So keep heart.

  2. haha... Angay Zheom.. It is cool to be called aloo and be young!!

  3. sangay Says:

    love your write ups kinga. its a balm to a stressful mind at times...keep posting more....

  4. Kinga Choden Says:

    @Rekha, I think I would rather look a lil more authoritative..At this rate, I am worried that my 4 year old will start wearing my clothes and shoes by the next few years. LOL. But seriously, being small built hasn't helped one bit. In fact, I find that people will easily glower at me and I have to tell them my age to get them to back off. LOL

    @Sangay..perhaps its nice to be called aloo but only if they would dot on you but if you have got about a dozen elders giving you directions to do this and that, well you would demand from your mom to know why you didn't come before others ;)

    @Sangay...its great that you enjoy my parroting..Thank you very much. :)

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