A thousand droplets drummed my car
That fell from the fair face of the sky
Sweet music of April to be, they wove
Each droplet charming dead old souls to life
For flowers to bloom, hopes to blaze
Strumming to the tune of Nature
For its time to learn from memory
And shed a skin..
Unfold a chapter..
And be renewed
For another day… another life
I thought of all things bygone
The yonder days when souls have I borne
One for each spring..and led them to their graves
When they had reaped in August and died in its winter
A spring after another for lives on periphery
Of karmic circles that I begin to question
Which is a bigger agony –to have travelled long
And having achieved greatness in nothing
Or a great journey cut too short?
My fingers feel the droplets on the window
That land and slide gently away
Like tear drops on heaven’s face
Who in his heart
Laments mankind’s many follies
That its melancholia through me ran
And in having my heart cleansed
Spring began…
5 Responses
  1. wow!! Cheers and wel come spring!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wolo, poetry lo! Nice nice.
    Heard you are back. Congrats and welcome back.
    Catch you around : )
    - hh -

  3. Kinga Choden Says:

    @SangayCholden : Thanks :)

    @hh: You remind me of Shakepeare's quote - the world is a stage and we are all actors and you, hh, does a great act of appearing and disappearing, LOL. Catch ya!

  4. Nice one.

    Teach me how to write poetry.........


  5. Kinga Choden Says:


    Write your thoughts down and arrange the words into a form that reads like a poem :P

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