I am a woman, my gentleness bountiful
Softness in act, love in every gesture
I laugh in mirth at all things good
I weep at the sorrows of the world
I scream at mankind’s many follies
And roar when dark clouds veil my vision

I am a woman that turns a man’s gaze
and his lips and hips,  home of all vices

I am the dream that men wake upto
The darkness in whose still men find solace
The courage that drives them to dream of a million possibilities
The word that inspires and the warmth that sustains
I am the moisture in their eyes
I am the flame in their hearts

I am a woman, I bring forth mankind
And hold them, them from my bosom and theirs too

Matriarchy to a home, I mould characters
Of our futures to be;  fill them with love
Prepare them for a world of varied hues
Tell them that the shades of dark can ruin
And that kindness is the finest virtue of all
For it brings forth the best in men

I am a woman and homes I run
But they call my name now
“Stand in line with men, Woman!”, they say
“Strength and courage have you none
Shed your vanities, pause your chores
Come forth and be worthy of all cries for you”

They hollered and they cried
And generously smirked when I peeped

I tell them if I left, my home would be in turmoil
And my children ravaged by lack of clarity
For light and direction; that I have dishes to do
Shelves to clean and dusts to settle
Wait, I tell them, that I have yet to emerge
To rule the nation, to wear a man’s shoes
To save womankind from the fame of frailty

But could a man come fill my throne in the kitchen?
Hurry! I cry, he has plants to water and a door to latch..

4 Responses
  1. Women you are and you ought to prove your self
    And respect I shall render with all my heart!
    like it..:)
    visit me at (http://tshewangd.blogspot.in/)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    "I am a woman that turns a man’s gaze
    and his lips and hips, home of all vices"

    Try as I might it only leads me to one visual conceptualization.

    Despite your attempt to bring us men to our knees, your effort hasn't gone much in vain. Atleast here :)

    Trust you are doing good.


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