A thousand droplets drummed my car
That fell from the fair face of the sky
Sweet music of April to be, they wove
Each droplet charming dead old souls to life
For flowers to bloom, hopes to blaze
Strumming to the tune of Nature
For its time to learn from memory
And shed a skin..
Unfold a chapter..
And be renewed
For another day… another life

I am a woman, my gentleness bountiful
Softness in act, love in every gesture
I laugh in mirth at all things good
I weep at the sorrows of the world
I scream at mankind’s many follies
And roar when dark clouds veil my vision

I am a woman that turns a man’s gaze
and his lips and hips,  home of all vices

**This article was written for Yeewong Mag's February issue

If you have come to believe that we have sprung forth into a world where there is no such thing as perfect anything, don’t lose heart yet.. for George Bernard Shaw’s words still ring true – there is no sincerer love than love of food – although, satirically, we are the only species on earth who befriend victims until we eat them.

Food is a global thing and at odd times, it can turn out to be as controversial as religion, racism and politics. Arguments about what accompaniments to throw into a dish is not uncommon among couples and the intensity of these arguments can climb a notch higher if the wife and the husband hail from two different sides of the country with contradicting local traditions and beliefs. The Ngalops aren’t totally fond of gravy except for specific dishes such as “maarus” and “jaajus”and prefer their dishes to be full of flavor, for they believe it’s the flavor that satisfy unlike Sharchops, the Easterners whose faith lies in quantity rather than quality. But Sharchops are more adventurous foodie lots for their tendency to mix and match flavors when it comes to cooking unlike the much more stringent Ngalops who believe that ginger, garlic and other spices each have dishes where they are appropriate for use, either as a mix or separately and an appropriate cooking time when their tantalizing flavors will unleash.