I could sell my soul for a voice like that, the kind that the kid by the name Tobden has. Its soothing, its smoothing and it roots out all kinds of emotions in a person. Everytime I listen to his song Tam Tshisum, my heart runs and somersaults, laughs and weeps while curling my back in melancholy. Honestly, I can play it ten times in one go and fall till the edge-of-abyss in love with the voice. But then I have always loved music, having forgiven God for forsaking me from the pomp of possessing one such talent.

Yes, I am totally fond of Jigme Drukpa's voice for traditional songs, and Tshering DOrji, Ugyen Panday and this new kid on the block Tobden's voice for modern songs. When I first saw and heard him at Mojo Park some days back, he reminded me of Britian's Susan Boyle, only this fellow is generations late and appears far too decent to gyrate on stage that singers with great showmanship would..no sidelocks and no dreadlocks whatsoever and any sort of pomp and glory of owning such a talent seemed either abandoned or awaiting germination. He's the kind your parents would approve, and he sure looks like he would stand up any minute, lower his head and go on with dialogues that goes with Inn Aue, Menn Aue, Tub Aue,,Khemey Aue, ya ya Aue...That and the voice, mark my words, will murder!!

Unlike Susan Boyle, he has a face adorned with such sweetness and a body language emanating too much decency but like Susan Boyle, he has a voice that will miraculously find his own path into people's heart. We have yet to see him give Ugyen Panday a go for his money but I hope, unlike other Bhutanese singers, he will create a brand name of his own and sing songs only because he wants to sing them, and not for grabbing every little chances of pocketing some cash.

If you like this song as much as I do, then we definitely share a thing for music :)

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  1. Kinga...can u email this song to tsheringcdorji@gmail.com.

  2. My favorite Bhutanese singer!

  3. Kinga, can u please tell me ho how to share soundcloud on the blog???

  4. Kinga Choden Says:


    You can look up a particular song on soundcloud and you will find a share button right under the song. CLick on it and you will see three ways to share; a link, a widget and a code to share on wordpress. For blogspot, you can either post the link or add the widget code in the html portion of your post. Breezy as that! :P

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