This middle aged woman glared at me for no fault of mine and when she did that, she began to resemble Dorji Drolo on fire except Dorji Drolo is supposed to be the good guy and she was far from being one. I was flummoxed at the way she threw her weight around. Firstly, she was as much a public servant as I am and politeness in the services we provide is supposed to be given top priority. Secondly, she is heading one of the most popular schools in Bhutan and that kind of attitude is unbecoming of a supposed professional and lastly, if not for anything, at the very basic level, she has to respect another individual as a fellow human being.

This is what happened - I was called upon on a Saturday to bring along my nephew for admission in her school at a given time. I divided my time between that school, Drukair office and the bank, all of which were functioning only for half day. I reached the school and had to wait half an hour before I could see her face. The minute she saw me, she said “gachi mo?” in a tone that invited my biles to jump up and down and possibly throw themselves at her face. I explained what I had to explain after which she shooed me off and told me to come again on Monday. What was she thinking? That I have all the time at my disposal to make it at her beck and call? In today’s world, time is equated to money and I have as much work as she does and my time is divided and subdivided into a list of things that I have to get done. I reminded her that I was particularly asked to come on that day. I swear she blazed at that and said it was not possible on that day since she didn’t have her committee working that day. And she ended her sentences with an elongated “sii” and then continued that even if they were there, my nephew wouldn’t have been admitted because his hairdo was unacceptable. Good god, why on earth did she call me on that day then and aren’t we actually called so that we are briefed on dos and don’ts of students getting admission in schools??

I went home thinking I just met a half baked professional sitting at the very top of the hierarchy of a densely populated school. God help Thimphuites! No doubt that she must be capable enough to merit such a position but that does not grant her any privilege to bark at people. That skill is purely reserved for the dogs.

I called my sister and narrated the incident to which she said that I should have confronted upfront and have it said then and there. I told her I avoided that because I wouldn’t want my nephew to be affected merely because somebody tried humiliating me. Another person told me my silence was laudable because behaving otherwise could greatly affect my nephew’s academic life as teachers across schools are all networked. Now that sounds like bollywood right here! I do not agree with her though. The right thing to do would have been to gently request Dorji Drolma to speak a bit more politely and that, I would have said so if she hadn’t behaved any differently on the following Monday.

I am a fairly well educated person taking a child to a school for an admission and I was treated unfavorably. And if such is her routine behavior, I hate to imagine what the poor and modest parents of our children must be having to tolerate. I am also aware that this is not a singular case - people at all kind of positions resort to such barbaric behaviors. But we should bear in mind that as public servants, we all have the onus of treating others with due respect, the kind we would expect if we went for their services. Otherwise, they should all join appropriate professions preferably RBA/RBP where egos are served and nurtured by default.
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  1. Seems really pissed off, yet you maintained your sense of being human there and you pours out in the form of words!.. that's the best remedy for any kind of troubled heart (i particularly do it!!)
    try being Jetsun Drolma...:)

  2. Kinga Choden Says:

    haha pissed off is right!!! I should have met her in a boxing ring sa! :)

  3. Maybe it is Kungfu time now...little bit of bending someone's ego wouldn't hurt much. So you may like to keep ur voice soft and scream at her at low pitch lol.

  4. it is 'like that' in all most every office! personally gone through such distinction!!

  5. PaSsu Says:

    These sort of cases should be exposed. The best excuse she might have could be that she was under lot of pressure but it was so disgusting for her to present herself so.
    If her school could accommodate your nephew, she should accept him without much harassment.
    If her school can't accommodate then all she has to do was to tell you that there is no more seats in her school.
    In no way can she lose her cool on you or anybody.
    These sort of people make schools and teachers unpopular among public, which breaks my heart!

  6. Kinga Choden Says:


    I don't scream, I only box ears! :P


    Well then...confront the next time it happens. I think its about time that people should step down a wee bit from their whiff of clouds :)

    You are absolutely correct :) Who cares if she's under pressure or whatever. She isn't the only toiling ant. Public service providers should always have a smile and kind words ready no matter what the circumstances maybe.

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