This middle aged woman glared at me for no fault of mine and when she did that, she began to resemble Dorji Drolo on fire except Dorji Drolo is supposed to be the good guy and she was far from being one. I was flummoxed at the way she threw her weight around. Firstly, she was as much a public servant as I am and politeness in the services we provide is supposed to be given top priority. Secondly, she is heading one of the most popular schools in Bhutan and that kind of attitude is unbecoming of a supposed professional and lastly, if not for anything, at the very basic level, she has to respect another individual as a fellow human being.

I could sell my soul for a voice like that, the kind that the kid by the name Tobden has. Its soothing, its smoothing and it roots out all kinds of emotions in a person. Everytime I listen to his song Tam Tshisum, my heart runs and somersaults, laughs and weeps while curling my back in melancholy. Honestly, I can play it ten times in one go and fall till the edge-of-abyss in love with the voice. But then I have always loved music, having forgiven God for forsaking me from the pomp of possessing one such talent.