The world’s a scary place to dwell in
Overwhelming human kindness tagged with self purpose
They are either the sheep or the wolf in sheep’s clothing
The sheep boasts of their honesty and the wolf, their intellect

From the dumps to the dive, my ama wanted of me
“Commit-o-phobes are fools and you ain’t no fool” she said
She lent me her words of wisdom, descending from her roots
And gave me a tall order of straightening up

“Sorry ama, I couldn’t be your son
I am me; a free soul in a free flight to anywhere
But where you want me.
I am your son and yet not your son!

I looked blankly at a person, smiling and waving at me from some distance. “Heyyyyy!!! Long time, how are you?” he chimed in.

Recognition hit me like a wave as I reciprocated the friendly wave and replied him. Later as I caught up with him, I told him he looked like he underwent a total change of appearance. He seemed leaner, taller with a beard on and more manly than I remember him to be.

“What happened to you?”, I asked inquisitively. Knowingly, he grinned massively that split his face into two.