She blossoms,
My good, little one,
like a flower..
Day by day
 moment by moment
since the day I held her
Pink and pretty
 Her eyes so untainted
By the vileness of the world
Her smile
Lights up my world
Her kisses melt by heart
And her love heals
All my scars
When she holds onto me
I find strengths I am unaware of
To shield her from all else
For I share her little pains
Everytime she falls down
Or back
And I feel her little fears
Of the strange, looming world..
Which she would inevitably explore
On her trip to adulthood
That which would tear her
away from my bosom
To a life that she would make
Perhaps with little ones of her own
Whom she would love
And she’d come to know
How a mother’s love can run
Long and unconditionally
Conquering all battles
And enduring all weathers
Just for her little one
Whom she loved
With all her heart
From the very start

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  1. as World Says:

    your little is really wonderful..

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