She blossoms,
My good, little one,
like a flower..
Day by day
 moment by moment
since the day I held her
Pink and pretty
 Her eyes so untainted
By the vileness of the world
There’s a climb a mountain, to be marooned on an be somewhere in isolation. Yes, I think it will take such a measure to clear the clouds shrouding forever in my head and it has grown into something of a monument lately. I have begun to ask questions and it always starts with a WHY?

Why do we have to the puppets filling the roles created by destiny and written by Gods? Aren’t we such fools, to think we are in complete control of our lives when all the events in our lives are predetermined and that the fact is, everything in our lives is a sequence of events, one causing the other and we merely assume the authority over them but in fact, we are just innocent but live actors, filling up on duties that are required of us but honestly, that which we often loathe.