I am assuming there are close to 300 Bhutanese in Perth; there were around 200 when I arrived and many more landed this year. Every year, Perth fetches the maximum number of Bhutanese followed by Canberra. So there you see, nothing fuels a man more than money does. It turns a man from a van to a Ferrari. It spunks up the weary, wakes the dead and make men adapt to a culture that is otherwise suitable only to ants. OK so money does not buy you happiness (Gee I am so tired of this line!!) but going by the trend, nobody wants happiness... they all want MONEY and happiness can go deep six its ass!!! 

This revelation is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it shows the duel side of a Bhutanese man; one which lazes around sleepy offices amidst the smoky blue mountains back home and the other that toils another man’s land for wages that gives his future a nice little shine.

In Perth, there are two main suburbs where most Bhutanese live and each one is a half an hour drive from the other. Thus, there are two groups of Bhutanese in Perth; the Wembley group and the Bentley group. The first group is the larger of the two and definitely more hard working too. Until recently, both the groups met up twice a year to welcome the new arrivals and give farewell to the ones who were leaving but the workload on the ants grew staggeringly heavier and there was no time for such merrymaking. The events now take place separately and members of either group are as good as living in Mars for the other.

It’s strange how we had to write long essays in schools on how human beings are social animals. Now the words social and animals seems have gotten a bitter divorce. We are all animals now in a social setting. You can visualize a pack of horses making their way up on a difficult terrain, each one with loads heavier than their capacity. One cannot talk, smile or share with the other. In fact, they may be deemed as unfeeling because they do not have a way of expressing and yet they are all together, each following the tracks of another and if by god, one fell off the cliff, the other may not even notice it and even if it does, it would trod up quickly to save itself from the suffering the same fate – the norm of the survival of the fittest.

The community spirit among Bhutanese here has waned according to the ones who have been here for a long time. In the olden days, Bhutanese who lived here had all the time in the world for everything. Money was secondary to merrymaking, friendship and the like. It would seem like they were such twilights for having passed the opportunity to make money but they were not. They had a life and they had values.

Now, for those of us here, work constitutes atleast half of our time. People work longer than the sun. Sometimes I wonder where all that energy and zest comes from and yet they never seem to fall sick. Back home, the sick leaves are endless and work outputs dreadful. Here, in most places where Bhutanese work, they are known for their honesty and integrity and ATTENDANCE. They are better trusted than people from elsewhere. If I remember correctly, the RCSC forbade Bhutanese students from working or maybe it was just a minor brouhaha but had they seen how Bhutanese shine in all areas here, they would refrain from fussing around like a bored housewife.

A year gone and another one to go through – I wouldn’t recognise the person that was me when I first arrived here. So much of me has changed and grown. There are simply too many lessons that the mind often feels like the bombed Hiroshima. I hope my fellow Bhutanese in Perth feels the same way and that when they return home, they will refrain from falling back into the dull office culture and work as hard as they would have if they were paid in dollars!
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  1. Jimie CHOKI Says:

    Do I need to learn from you? Any secret tips for your Missy?

  2. Kinga Choden Says:

    Haha..you will learn practically on your own JC and learn you will, whether you like it or not ;)

  3. i think it is the $ factor that is making all the difference......

    I wish all our Bhutanese friends, a very hard working and fruitful days ahead......

  4. Anonymous Says:

    so we get jobs easily therei n perth?

  5. Kinga Choden Says:

    It depends. :) However, no Bhutanese has ever gone jobless here :)

  6. Lakey Says:

    So where do you stand, by the way, in all these? (^_^)

    On a personal front, as an interim Queenslander once, such fortune or (missed-fortunate)was a far cry there! Good - at least our folks are doing their two-bits for our foreign exchange reserve! :)

    Interesting read though - as always. And I see a marked improvement! You're getting better, lady! Keep up!

  7. Kinga Choden Says:

    Dear Lakey,

    I feared that the aliens got you but here you are!! Queensland is a different planet altogether from Perth, going by hearsay and for this very reason, we see Bhutanese raining in onto Perth annually. Everybody comes here with an ambition to make money, but not everybody succeeds. Those who does succeed are the ones with an insurmountable spirit and focus and fair share of luck and those slacking behind are the ones soaked miserably into beer, sloth and bad luck. I stand somewhere between the two, following Buddha's teaching of the middle path to realization :P

  8. Anonymous Says:

    so true. been to perth for undergraduate studies and this is what you see there. All work and no play because this $ matters.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    dear fren,im laso planning to come down to work...plz help me

  10. Kinga Choden Says:

    Dear Friend, I have been back for what feels like ages now. If you need help, join a facebook page called Bhutanese In perth and submit your query, They will definitely help you or guide you on how to help yourself, unless they are too busy :)

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