***This article was written for the Students' Digest Magazine

The advent of democracy in Bhutan caused a serious rift amongst people. The otherwise peace loving, god fearing and the romantic lot were enforced to wear business suits to evaluate which party would be more conductive than manipulative. But let’s admit it – democracy couldn’t have come at a more apt timing than it did. Let’s also admit it that our first democratic torch bearers are all snowed at the temple and almost bent at the knees. This too is only proper for we need wise elders to be the models so the young may know how to tread the road often not taken.

I am assuming there are close to 300 Bhutanese in Perth; there were around 200 when I arrived and many more landed this year. Every year, Perth fetches the maximum number of Bhutanese followed by Canberra. So there you see, nothing fuels a man more than money does. It turns a man from a van to a Ferrari. It spunks up the weary, wakes the dead and make men adapt to a culture that is otherwise suitable only to ants. OK so money does not buy you happiness (Gee I am so tired of this line!!) but going by the trend, nobody wants happiness... they all want MONEY and happiness can go deep six its ass!!!