This is the digital era with apparent pros. But its downside can be far outreaching and dangerous than one can imagine. Not very long ago, people alleged that disruption in internet connection was depressing. If it went on for days, they went maniacal and hissed at the service providers. Now, what depresses them is the speed of the connection. It frustrates them and it agitates them. They want everything done in a click of the mouse. That funny thing... that page loader which is that circle that goes round and round as it says to wait while it’s loading a webpage is an ugly sight that makes people want to puke.  Everybody enjoys the idea of being waited for, but not doing the waiting part.  

Last minute struggle is a popular trend among the Bhutanese but having a child around is quite often an added woe. Few weeks ago, I was running late for a submission but my little one would not understand. She would climb on my back and stretch my hair or squeeze onto my lap and demand to watch cartoons on my computer or croon to her like she was a baby. As a last minute attempt, I locked myself into the room and turned a deaf ear to her whimsical calls. Suddenly she shrieked and said there was a cockroach out there. Cockroaches are something I do not tolerate and I fast forward their The End pleasurably. I quickly opened the door and asked her where the damned thing was. She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck and wouldn’t let go.  The little smartass had tricked me into opening my door.

Do you ever open a blank page with a blank mind with the sole intention to type furiously about anything or nothing, hoping to unleash through your fingers all the things contained consciously or sub consciously through all the years you have lived so far;  a feeling that is undefinable and lying downtrodden along the path between hope, happiness, misery and everything else there is to feel where each one stands on an end of a multidimensional axis and that undefinable feeling lies right at the center of it all, feeling all the eyes of those other feelings?