There are moments...moments when you feel the panic rising because you can’t remember them so clearly – that memories got so stuck in one place while you have been busy moving ahead with time....with age. It was only days ago when I could remember moments from the time I was only 3 – the day my younger brother was born and how I thought he was the cutest baby, the times when my elder brother bought me a pair of socks with his meagre pocket money and he was only ten years old. I remember my sister baking bread in a pot once and how the rest of scrambled through the window for a burnt bite. I remember the face of my mother when she was young and how beautiful her fingers once were, before too much hardwork for sustenance distorted them. My brothers and I were comrades, we walked long distances, swam the river in Simtokha and how we never went again after one of them almost drowned. I remember playing all the things that were meant for boys : marbles, bearings, and cycles that were driven with a handle.

I remember my first trip when I was only eleven and my younger brother was six. I was in charge and our destination was five hours walk from Punakha town. Today, I would wonder how my mother ever allowed me to convince her that I would make it there, without getting raped or abducted. But then one would have to live in that age and time when innocence was in abundance – both in children and adults. It feels like nobody ever got raped or murdered those days. Nowadays, you don’t trust anyone, sometimes not even yourself. We have had our share of hardship, but then we have had our share of good moments too and I would drink to the memories of my childhood days anytime and say “Those were the days man...those were the days..”.

Today, I am a woman half into my lifetime and I can almost count the rest of my life with my fingers and my memories are fading as others get stacked. My daughter has to get up at 7 am sharp so she can be at the daycare. She looks forward to the weekends as much as I do. She has to brush her teeth, eat veggies and fruits and cannot go out in the sun without sunscreen. Her busy life started when she was only two. When she first went to the daycare, she might as well have been transported to Mars. She saw the golden haired people and their language for the first time. She knew nothing about communicating with them except by facial expressions and body language. Today, she can speak enough to convey her messages..

So much has happened and is happening between my time and the time that is to come for my daughter – monarchy to democracy, the deaths of legendary goons particularly this year, climatic change, facial restructure of my warm and cosy childhood town into a carelessly planned beastly face, and countless other things. The mask of innocence and naivety that we all once wore is now falling off one by one as everybody has started to slip into a pair of smarty pants and wearing futuristic lenses. People make more investments, and will grow old at 30 for it. If they are allowed to build a four storied house with an attic, they will build five storied house with an attic and when they are allowed five storied houses with an attic, they will build five storied houses with two attics. The cars can be parked on the clouds for all they care.

Everybody says money cannot buy you happiness, yet they all run after it.

The ripple effect of Buddhism has spread into the western countries and yet at the same time, their trait of materialistic need is spreading in the other direction. How far people can go for money is no longer jaw dropping – it has broken bonds and created barriers. Loyalty, kindness and other virtues will soon have to come from the dogs first because the skins of the humans are growing so thick that the insides are immune from feelings caused by the surroundings.

I worry for my little one..if mere education will be enough for her, if she will have the time to have a family, raise kids and spare a laughter. I worry if at her time, she will still be lead by great leaders and if life would be kind to her as it has been to me. Yet as my mother has done in her time and her mother in hers, each of us must live in our time and hope for the best. And I hope as the years roll on, she will always have it at her disposal to take days off, standstill and look at life in the eye –before, now and after as I do today and think - Man this is life and while we are at it, let’s beat it!

And with this strange article, comes my wishes and prayers for all my kind readers and friends albeit a tad too early. Happy New Year and many thanks for reading my senseless ramblings...

Cheers to Life!
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  1. Langa Tenzin Says:

    Nice post ma'am. Truly said. And yeah I would like to wish you too a Happy New Year, 2011. A happy year ahead! :)

  2. Leoparsica Says:

    Happy New Year Ma'am. :)

  3. Kinga Choden Says:

    Thank You Langa and Leoparsica. Happy New Year!! Cheers!!!

  4. Lakey Says:

    Hi Madamji,

    Well and truly said! But don't get too disintegrated. I do get this sudden uncomfy jab about the kind of world that our little ones will be living in - and yes, it's can get a bit paranoid at times. But then I guess we are all passing by and that everything, including this, is a passing phase!

    Here's wishing you and your pack a wonderful and a fulfilling 2012, and beyond!

  5. Kinga Choden Says:

    Hi Sirji,

    I won't get disintegrated but the world will, inevitably. :)

    Gee Thanks a lot!!! And a very very happy new year to you and your pack from me and my pack :)

  6. hello. I like your blog and i am your follower now. I have only one or two members at my blog. Can you please me at

  7. Kinga Choden Says:

    Hello little fella. Thank you. I am following you now :)

  8. Thank you Very very much. I want you to know me. Do you know Dorji Wangchuk? I think you do. He have a brother called Karma Wangchuk and i am his son. I got your blog address from DW. Nice to hear you la, madam.

  9. Kinga Choden Says:

    Of course, everybody knows him. Its nice to meet you, little one. I hope you will blog more. I will read them for sure :-)

  10. Thanks a lot and i am reading yours too.

  11. hey kinga, i almost cried reading this piece :P good one. cheers!

  12. Kinga Choden Says:

    OK. I will believe that in a gazillion years :P

  13. Tshering Dorji Says:

    Kinga.. you should have been writer not an engineer.. really I really love your article..

  14. Kinga Choden Says:

    Then I would have starved to death :P

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