Well, if you are wondering where the heck I have been, you will be disappointed to know, that I haven’t been to Rome or Paris yet, and I definitely haven’t been in a gondola with a Greek God either and therefore, have no adventure tales to relate and the most I have travelled to is to my barren mind, going in circles to the point of madness. I go out of the house in the morning and come home to sleep and manage a long, tiring day in between apart from being a mumzilla to my kid. But there are evidences to prove that I am not the only one losing that sanity screw. For instance, after an hour long conversation with my buddy about movies based on cannibalism, he says:

“Kinga, if we could be eaten, your meat would be good for making soup”, he says and then thoughtfully adds “In Bhutanese style dish, you could go well with kakur and thingay!”

And I tell my chubby friend that his could be BBQed and in Bhutanese style, prepared during Chokus and Tshechus to show off to the envying neighbours.

If my mother was present, she would have wept.
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  1. Ohh You surely have lot of things to share. Me too, I have this habit of teasing my healthy (rather than fat) friends.

    I think your idea of BBQ and kakur soup are new things i learned now...

  2. Oh dear! I wept too, couldn't control my laughter ha ha ha.... Only you can tell things in such a creative way. Atta Gurl!!!

  3. Kinga Choden Says:

    Atleast you found it funny! :P

  4. Zai Jigs
    Good and nice to enjoy it la

  5. Tshering Dorji Says:

    really love your article kaa cee..

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