This is the digital era with apparent pros. But its downside can be far outreaching and dangerous than one can imagine. Not very long ago, people alleged that disruption in internet connection was depressing. If it went on for days, they went maniacal and hissed at the service providers. Now, what depresses them is the speed of the connection. It frustrates them and it agitates them. They want everything done in a click of the mouse. That funny thing... that page loader which is that circle that goes round and round as it says to wait while it’s loading a webpage is an ugly sight that makes people want to puke.  Everybody enjoys the idea of being waited for, but not doing the waiting part.  

One day, the modern hermits will demand internet connection while on a meditational sojourn on the himalayas. Who knows, one day, a fetus might demand internet connection inside the comfort of the womb too! People do not know life without internet anymore and they would rather have that than a wife! 

People sign up at websites without second thoughts, providing personal information freely. In certain countries, the Police department look up the profiles created at these websites to study the behaviour of a possible suspect in crime.  It brings fore the question : how private is privacy in this modern era? Nothing is private over the world wide web.  Chances are that if you find yourself on google search, you are marked and noted in the www census. There are eavesdroppers all around.  

Now think about wikileaks. Do we really need these whistle blowers to expose government secrets? Is 100% transparency always good? Shouldn’t certain secrets remain as it is for the general good? Draggingly debatable, isn’t it?

Cameras are another threat to invasion of privacy. Rumours of having CCTV cameras installed in the phuntsholing town may aid the much awaited security around the area but poses threat to the privacy of a common man. Will we have to be watched while we are crying with a bummer face? Or singing? Or kissing? ....and how far will the scrutiny go? How private will our lives be, be it informational, bodily or territoraly? Won’t it be a violation of human rights? 

So be careful the next time you crib over your personal life or pass careless views on the internet and the phunstholing-lites need to prim up if you are on a date or tomfooling around such as relieving against the wall. On the lighter side, if at all you need to do it urgently, make sure not to do it facing the camera, will you? They may never focus on you but then, never say never! 

Note : The CCTVs in Phuntsholing town in my opinion is actually an immense relief. At the moment, security issues outweigh rights to privacy by over hundred times. However, fourty to fifty years from now when privacy turns into a mirage, I suspect right to individual privacy may become a huge deal.

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