If Lamzang was an actor, this could be one of his biggest shows till date and the rounds of applauses he’s receiving would leave one wondering if the people of Bhutan are awoken from a drunken slumber to a madding crowd of brouhahas. And man, he deserves all that hoots and cheers after endless days of walking around like a rag doll – looking for a crowd jerker. And who in the last Shangrila dare raise a voice anyway – that too against our top-notch leaders? If I was Lamzang, I would look like Julia Roberts now and would be wearing the longest smile on earth!

But now, I can be conclusive about one thing with absolute surety – our folks sway in the direction in which the wind blows! Their heads are constantly blown left and right, like a weightless flag fluttering in the direction of the frivolous wind, that they have lost that requisite sense of reasoning. They quickly resume the post of moral judges and start banging their fists on the desks, their faces puckered up into red tomatoes and demanding justice. That is the scariest episode about the whole thing – that people can be so swayed in their opinion. This is not to say that the land grabbing business could not have happened. It may have but the mere mention of the word “may” makes a world of difference. It assumes the possibility that there could be underlying issues than what meets the eye. However, that is not the issue I am talking about here.

Back in the history of our people, somebody started a shop with goods from Thailand and everybody needed to sell and buy goods from Thailand. They said these are foreign stuff and goods from India aren’t foreign. Later, another Johnny started a shop on clothes from Bangladesh and now, the whole town is filled with it. Now, practically anybody who can afford it must have a child delivery in Bankok. One of our local newspapers started featuring gold medallists and all the karmas and Zangpos have to be starred in it –although believe me, the real stories behind such features are quite hilarious. But the funniest incident would be the one where one bird-brain spread a story about a witch in Taba who made a soup out of her baby’s fingers. This one spread far and wide that people actually stayed inside the house when darkness fell in. They were obviously very SPOOKED! So, the issue is - Where in the devil’s name is our individualistic analytical skill?

This is reminiscent of Zee news broadcast a few years back where an actor gets up from his chair and slaps a man who seem to have offended the actor. In the way that it was broadcast, the man got slapped numerous times when he actually got slapped just once. But it was highlighted in such a fashion that it appeared the raging actor slapped him time and again. This is sometimes the way of the media in all forms – to blow the deal out of proportion. Lamzang is a hero in the context of modern Bhutanese journalism but that hardly appoints the rest of us to take a moral stance without delving into the matter, because believe it or not, there are always two sides to the coin.

We live in a democratic nation now and democracy is the form of government that any leader would chime, is worth dying for. And in no way does it indicate the ones who chipped in their two bits by voting to form that government should wear the shoes of the Opposition Party. Remember, those slots are filled?

We all need three things direly: firstly, a positive pair of glasses, secondly, individualistic discovery of the self and the subsequent strengths and lastly and most importantly, a change of heart.
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  1. Tenzing Lamsang Says:

    Thank You for the kind words and i must say a well written blog. You have made some very relevant points.Keep up the good work. Ur blogs are a pleasure to read.

  2. Kinga Choden Says:

    What a pleasant surprise!!! Thanks for dropping by! :)

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