The thing of favouritism has not yet been housed in God’s dictionary – the reason why no one can escape life without paying his dues. One must pay for what he does – one way or the other and if not in this life, then perhaps in the next or next to next. Some people pass through this life only once before the embracement into the divine land, others like us keep coming back to even out what roughness remain from past lives. Bad news is when one is born, the memory section is at its point of start. It’s a dot needing to grow. There are no clues, no zapping back to retrieve past life experiences. There are just us; straying mindlessly and aimlessly – feigning intellect that we are all born for a purpose. Secretly, everybody’s waiting to be a star to tread the path of the rich and the famous. Ap Pasa would have laughed at this baseless triviality of human reasoning because Ap Pasa was born with some remnants of memories from his past life. Even God’s industry goes defunct once in a while.

Ap Pasa knew what some of them were in their previous life and why they were born again. Ap Pasa was born again because he had laughed till he pissed at a nude madman.

When Ap Pasa was just 3 and could coherently form his first sentence, he had laughed at his mother and told her that she was a dog in her previous life and that her name was Bettu. The neighbours told the mother that the child wasn’t the standard breed and thus, alu Passa grew up to be the village’s madman. For him as for any other, it was time for penance.

On his flight from Alu Passa to Ap Passa, he came to accept that perhaps he was really mad; for how else could he explain the flipping images he saw of the people and what they were. There were moments when he would suddenly burst into heaps of laughter at the face of a stranger. When asked the reason for his unruly behaviour, he would tell them they were either a snail, or a bird or a stealing monkey before they were human and that is why some of those vices still remain – of that of ignorance, stealth, greed ...even the spirit of escapades and the subsequent need to stay free of bondages.

“One thinks riding on a Harley Davidson is hip and happening when one is actually a yearning wanderlust – a free bird in his own right and suffers the biggest fear of being pinned down to the everyday mundanes of an ordinary life”, he would often chime with an isolated amusement forever twinkling in his pupils.

His mother died prematurely of grief, disappointment and shame but left him an inheritance he could depend on regardless. Ap Passa would tell a willing listener how proud he was of Bettu who had bitten him on the leg in his previous life and had come back in the form of a mother to care for him. Bettu would be welcomed in heaven, he said and that he was happy for her.

The village folks derived pleasure from his clowning for he was their perennial atsara. The loners and children would befriend him and the philosophers found their muse in him. The scholars of the land said that he was the ambassador of happiness. Nobody realised how much they would miss him until he was no more.

He perished young and sudden – in his summer before he could even witness the beauty of August and in too less a time to commit to his memory the abundance of the spring that he had lived. A wise man once thought, had Ap Passa been born to a family of a known lineage, perhaps he could have been a great lama. Some say he had died on a beautiful day when the sky was clear, and the sun was out and shining in its full brightness and there were birds and butterflies and flowers all over the place. Others say, the night he fell forever was the night they heard a terrible sound from his house and that it was the sound of a heart break.

No one knew that Ap Passa was actually summoned to God’s abode lest Passa be the proof of his divine imperfection and bargained that Passa would be forgiven of all his past misdemeanours and be awarded a brand new beginning. He would have to start from the lowest form of existence – as a worm.
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