If Lamzang was an actor, this could be one of his biggest shows till date and the rounds of applauses he’s receiving would leave one wondering if the people of Bhutan are awoken from a drunken slumber to a madding crowd of brouhahas. And man, he deserves all that hoots and cheers after endless days of walking around like a rag doll – looking for a crowd jerker. And who in the last Shangrila dare raise a voice anyway – that too against our top-notch leaders? If I was Lamzang, I would look like Julia Roberts now and would be wearing the longest smile on earth!

The thing of favouritism has not yet been housed in God’s dictionary – the reason why no one can escape life without paying his dues. One must pay for what he does – one way or the other and if not in this life, then perhaps in the next or next to next. Some people pass through this life only once before the embracement into the divine land, others like us keep coming back to even out what roughness remain from past lives. Bad news is when one is born, the memory section is at its point of start. It’s a dot needing to grow. There are no clues, no zapping back to retrieve past life experiences. There are just us; straying mindlessly and aimlessly – feigning intellect that we are all born for a purpose. Secretly, everybody’s waiting to be a star to tread the path of the rich and the famous. Ap Pasa would have laughed at this baseless triviality of human reasoning because Ap Pasa was born with some remnants of memories from his past life. Even God’s industry goes defunct once in a while.