I am baffled by this piece of news on Kuensel website titled “Dies at 112” that ends with this line :

“The centenarian was a teatotaler and stayed away from tobacco.”

Does it mean that the guy never touched tea in all his fortunate 112 years of good life? Things are supposed to take a competitive edge by now, with several private newspapers bustling around.

Logically, the world advances with time – where people specialize into a line of interest and then everybody fits together like a box of tool creating the perfect system. Going by the news, and by this, the news that disappoint more often than delight, not to mention the conveyors of news delivering it in half sleep, the saws in Bhutan are pretending to be hammers and the hammers saws and thus, what is supposed to be cut is rammed and what needs ramming gets cut.

Honestly, who needs brilliance in Bhutan? Perhaps all we need is a talent with knots so we can patch them who we think can help us? Everybody seems to need fast deliverance by another’s backing and his social standing is measured by the number of people with power who has the time to attend his grand funeral.

I am suffering from a mild indigestion at the moment because of the bitter pill – that an honest man who stands on his feet by the merit of his own capability is increasingly becoming a rare species!
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  1. Lakey Says:

    Good observation, madamji! :)

    We are not grammarians but such slip-ups in their rather disturbing frequencies can really take the shin out of the 5 bucks that one regularly spends! Yes, I buy my copies in print! But I do give them a call when the goof-ups are a bit overwhelming, like, repeating a full editorial, getting the captions wrong, and yes, in instances like putting up a picture of Gantey Palace and smugly calling it Wangdichoeling Dzong!! And yes, as a civil servant, I am not even going to mention the number of times they have left us cowering in fright and high on the temper-meter following a your work-related news item or a story!

  2. Kinga Choden Says:

    Hi Lakey,

    Did it really happen - a picture of Gangtey and a caption of Wangdichoeling Dzong? That is the ultimate level of editorial imperfection, coming from a National Newspaper!!!!

    Our media needs to realize the huge responsibility it plays in the small society that we are. I remember a time a girl was raped and the description printed in a certain paper was simply horrendous. It went on to describe even the tear in the anus. Honestly, did that need describing? And believe it or not, the reporter was a lady herself!!!

  3. Leoparsica Says:

    Such small mistakes which in times totally alter the message to be conveyed or which makes the content weird and filthy, are something which is very common. Kuensel as the nations leading newspaper and National newspaper needs to adhere strictly to their norms of imposing fine to reporters, for causing errors. I too observed that same editorial repeating for two days, few days ago @ Kuenselonline.com

  4. Kuenza Says:

    I know how it feels. The fine if imposed should be on the editor and not the reporters because the editor's job is to see that such mistakes aren't there.

  5. cool .. me likes it!!

  6. Cherokee Says:

    Our journalist have no ethics, no regards and no self respect. They are on a wild hunt for news and to them any news is okay so long that piece of crap can hurt someone's feeling, destroy a relation and dishonour someone's reputation.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kinga

    Precisely my sentiments. You sound rather angry though, take it easy. It is nothing personal :)

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