It’s such a cliché, yet so true – a smile can brighten up the whole world, like some effervescent light uplifting the gloom of the world. A man reciprocates the smile on another face and passes on to the next person he crosses path with. Literally, it’s the smile that travels from face to face, from one moment to another – eternally time travelling and globetrotting. Imagine a world where no one smiles, where everybody’s foreheads are creased and shoulders slumped with the unbearable weight of the world – this is actually fast becoming of the time conscious modern world. Strangely, the smile and the time are co-related and in this day and age, smiles are getting to be such an expensive affair that several dozen years from now, maybe smiles will be so deficient and lacking that they could actually be put on hire and sale. Imagine that!

So finally, I was blessed enough to meet the man with his never ending smile. His smiles are like the river – it starts somewhere from the roof of the world, travels through gorges to brooks to rivers and all the way down to the seas and the oceans – making sure it touches the lives of all that it passes by. The last time I saw H.H The Dalai Lama was on the telly and the several times before that was also on the telly. Sure I met him in real but I didn’t get to see the whole of him. It was just his right hand waving from the car – oh now I am not even sure it was his hand afterall.

Hundreds of Tibetans, Mongolians and Bhutanese gathered yesterday for a private audience with H.H The Dalai Lama. More than half the Bhutanese wore colourful Ghos and Kiras, including my daughter and marched through the buses and trains, with a certain pride in their stride that left the chillips gawking and amused. Half of the Mongolians wore their traditional attires too that had me wonder how on Mother Earth Genghis Khan tolerated that dress especially when he was onto waging his infamous wars.

His Holiness talked about Buddhism as an identity – something that we all always knew but never really realised until spoken about. It was Buddhism that bonded all of us gathered yesterday, it was Buddhism that was embedded in our cultural heritage, the principle in our ways of life and the viewing lenses through which the rest of the world sees us. His Holiness happily mentioned about a scientist he met who had declared that there is a major section of our brain that accommodated the feeling of compassion – that Buddhism already has answers that scientific measures are getting to discover only now.

He talked about the need to understand the Buddhist scriptures, the insight of which could provide knowledge that is mightier than all. Reading the scripts, he said, could give a lot more than building a statue.

“You can wait for the statue to speak up but it never will”, said His Holiness before bursting into laughter. The whole audience followed suit. If it came from a commoner, perhaps no one would have laughed but coming from a larger than life figure and an inspiration for millions, it was pure joy to see him burst into that innocent burst of glee that following suit by the rest of the world seemed like a natural law.

As expected, there was a smile on every face by the end of it. Everybody said we are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet His Holiness and I am completely in line with them.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kinga,

    At last there is a post from you :)

    Perhaps seeing the Dalai Lama has delivered you from purgatory which puts a huge smile on my face too.

    Talking of Genghis Khan, do you know that he invented the silk underpants? It is true :)

  2. jamyang Says:

    This is wonderful writing with lots of suspense....In beginning, i was thinking that you are talking about your lovely husband but happen to be one of the spiritual man that my heart always hunts to see him in my life. God bless all sentient beings....

    keep on blogging..cheers !!!!

  3. Kinga Choden Says:


    Genghis khan and underpants! Must have been the superman of his time. Thanks for the knowledge. LOL


    Did you really think that? LOL
    I hope and pray that you meet H.H someday. It's once in a lifetime experience :)

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