My good friend laughed at me and said “It’s so obvious you are having exams...when else do you hop in for a chat?” And she’s so right!! The last 5 years of uneventful working has caused me serious head damage. It’s now turned seriously dysfunctional and the only thing it understands is the Facebook.

The last exam I gave got me classified as Mad and had me swear I would never, never give another exam again. But then again, I had also sworn I would never ever get drunk again!

My friend P and I had planned all along to go a little bonkers and get pissed drunk the night we wrote our last exam of our undergrad years. We were living in a conservative girls’ hostel where even merely walking along with a guy would be pried upon with great suspicion and interest. I had no male friends anyway and so, I had relied on P who had a line of guys queued up just to be able to kiss her feet, to get all the things ready for the night. And she had!

Both of us were nervous and excited at the same time and we had different ways of preparing for the night. I consumed a mountain of rice and she, a plank of Cadbury. We took all our beddings and arranged it on the terrace. The night was beautiful and as I remember it, perhaps Indore is the only place on God’s beautiful earth where the night sky was almost always beautifully adorned with stars and even had shooting stars flying around in abundance.

Like poor students, a bottle of Vodka and some snacks to go with it had caused us great excitement. We started sipping while some friends who were aware of our activity turned up in awe and were perhaps anticipating what spectacles we were to make of ourselves. And there we downed one glass after  another. And the more I drank, the merrier I was. I could feel all that was confined in me release and transform into surges of giggles.

The others started barraging me with one question after another. They wanted to know how serious I was about my then boyfriend, who now has the misfortune of being married to me and all other related details. Poor them! All they could get out of me were spools of laughter. It was a strange feeling – I never felt so clear in the head and yet I had no control over the mechanics of my own body. I was floating a feet higher from the ground as if to permit the magical dissipation of all the years of bitter memories.

P had quite a contradicting experience though. She had gone off to the corner and called up the man she was in love with and started weeping like a crazy, drunken woman that she was. He did not turn up the next day as planned and they broke up soon after.

That night on a mid May in the cruel Indian heat, we slept under the blanket of stars. It was one of the most beautiful nights and as my friends snored to glory, I smiled at the stars until the wee hours of the morning and readied myself for the beginning of another chapter in my life.

Two days later, I bid goodbye to the place that had agonized me relentlessly for four years and came home to freedom.
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  1. A blissfully happy read indeed!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Kinga,

    The memories of our youthful pranks and escapades are precocious and therefore it is important that we keep them alive by reviving them in our minds from time to time so that they do not get buried and forgotten in the mounds of more recent thoughts and experiences that piles on as we live out your lives. They give us courage and hope that we have come far and that our lives have not been entirely useless or unfulfilling. If we recall that we have been ridiculous and stupid during those heady days, it only means that we have grown and matured since.

    To interpret life’s progression any other way is wrong. In other words, we need the familiarity of idiocy and recklessness to tell us that we have finally grown up :) :)

  3. Sangay Says:

    "Two days later, I bid goodbye to the place that had agonized me relentlessly for four years and came home to freedom" wow!! was it really a freedom? Great read indeed. Going back to my "younger" days always keeps me refreshed and brings smile. Though "those" days weren't wonderful but memoirs are always wonderful.
    Great Kinga.

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