The house was unusually quiet. I wished she would throw her tantrums again or that atleast she would laugh when I made funny faces at her. Nothing seemed to work. Easter holidays were on and medical stores closed. All I could do was watch my little one moan occasionally as she lay down in bed, bereft of energy and liveliness. But she wouldn’t complain, you see...she’s wouldn’t say she was in pain, not even indicate it. She tried to eat when I fed her, only to vomit it all out in the end. And yet, she still wouldn’t give up.

I felt her pain....afterall she’s borne out of my womb. She’s the only one I can ever call wholly mine. And I remembered my own mother – how she cried when she saw that I had fainted once out of too much tomato ketchup consumption (don’t laugh!). She cried and rubbed my hands and feet and sat by my side as I slept. I was 16 then and I had laughed at her and said she was definitely being silly. Now, I know she wasn’t. It was a mother’s love for her child – the only love that is as pure as can be.

I heard the faint voice of my child call for me that night. I was jolted at once and frantically searched for her under the blankets. Something was wet. I turned on the lights and was aghast at what I saw.
My little baby was covered in her own faeces. She’d been unable to control it. Her voice was filled with guilt. I quickly cleaned her with warm water, changed her into clean clothes, changed the bedsheet and we went back to bed. I turned off the light and as I wished her goodnight again, I said to her

“It is alright. Ama is here for you to take care of you tup? “

I felt her snuggle upto me, and kiss me. I smiled silently at my child’s expression of gratitude.

After a moment of silence, she said “I loffu Ama”

My feelings soared as I felt a mother's moment of pride embalm me all over!!
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  1. nothing in this world can equal mother's Love.

  2. Kuenza Says:

    I can understand this so completely and purely -- and maybe that is why I'm crying. It touched me.

  3. jamyang Says:

    you are a real haunter of of your daughter's love. Great mom..keep going on...

  4. Anonymous Says:

    HI Kinga,

    A touching narration. There is nothing quiet as complete as a mother's love for her children. Her life long service to her children starts from the day she gives birth to her child and it continues throughout her lifetime - ending only upon her own death. Her role as a care giver intensifies even more - when she assumes the role of a grandparent. Thus, there is no greater sin than to offend and hurt a mother.

  5. Kinga Choden Says:

    @KT, couldn't agree more! :)

    @Kuenza, I know you understand now. Hope all is good with you.

    @Jamyang, Thanks and Joenpa Lekso :P

    @Anon, I am completely in line with you! :)

  6. Lakey Says:

    Like the Chinese would say: "There's only one beautiful child in this whole wide world, and every mother has it!" (^.^)

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