My good friend laughed at me and said “It’s so obvious you are having exams...when else do you hop in for a chat?” And she’s so right!! The last 5 years of uneventful working has caused me serious head damage. It’s now turned seriously dysfunctional and the only thing it understands is the Facebook.

The last exam I gave got me classified as Mad and had me swear I would never, never give another exam again. But then again, I had also sworn I would never ever get drunk again!

The house was unusually quiet. I wished she would throw her tantrums again or that atleast she would laugh when I made funny faces at her. Nothing seemed to work. Easter holidays were on and medical stores closed. All I could do was watch my little one moan occasionally as she lay down in bed, bereft of energy and liveliness. But she wouldn’t complain, you see...she’s wouldn’t say she was in pain, not even indicate it. She tried to eat when I fed her, only to vomit it all out in the end. And yet, she still wouldn’t give up.

I met Pain one yesterday, yet again
In his dark, gallant Armour
He sat mellow under happiness’ silhouette
Doubling his darkness
His eyes were intense with depths
Of destiny’s haunts and agonies

He asked if he could come by
But he came by the other day and before that too
He will sate a poet’s hunger, he promised
Give seasons to my heart
And that he’d craft my soul with a door
To his unseen, often unappreciated gains

I let him in, poor Pain and sheltered him
For many restless days and weeks
His darkness dimmed my home’s light
And muted the summer’s music
One day, I asked him to leave as gently as I could
With that ever crooked smile, he replied
“When I have cleansed your soul, I will”