Dear God, what Life is this with no time to stand and stare; when my shadows run faster than me and looks back at me with that incredulous expression? Yesterday, my left eyeball hurt, the pain shifted its stance today. Maybe I am thinking too much. Yesterday, I nearly drove up a wall with a weird realisation. It is this : why must only the drivers wear a seatbelt? Must only he survive an accident? And hey, why do our children address their parents in a western style? Mom, Mum, Mama, Papa, Pop, Dad….What’s wrong in calling them simply Apa and Aye?

You see, my brain’s been rolling a lot more than my eyes and it’s difficult to make out if my eyes think and my brains see? Or is it the reverse? Why, then, do I feel, my head is the root because my hair cut in a Beatle’s style stands out like Eintein’s? I have the feeling that my head is the root, the foundation, the base and the source of nutrition of my very being. If my head is base, why am I downside up? If the head is the root afterall, do people think with their feet? What is “sense” then? Is it the toe? Do we say “Please talk toe? Am I making toe?” Christ, I have forgotten them all.

Dear God, you are making me more confused than ever now. See, if my head is my feet and my feet, my head, am I sitting cross handed and typing with my toes? Or is that sense; typing with sense? Haha!

Really, you are one Goddamned genius! All the fools in this world think their feet is their head and their head, the feet. Let this be our secret! Hush! Keep your ass shut!!!!!

Or is that the mouth?
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