This morning, my husband got up with a pout bigger than Angelina Jolie’s and wouldn’t speak to me at all. Upon  my persistence, he asked me straightaway “Where’s your blog?” 
And I told him I deleted it some days back because I just can’t keep up and I would prefer not to be a blogger at all than to be a bad blogger.
“It’s so bizzaire! To give up just like that!!“ His pout was filling up his face and he bossed me around to bring it back on saying if I didn’t feel like it now, it’s just a momentary phase.
I told him it’s embarrassing to return to something that I gave up and that people would laugh at my erratic behaviour and that maybe I can get myself a domain name and start there but he simply wouldn’t buy me, claiming he knew my tricks too well to believe it.
Thus on demand of my biggest fan who hardly or  never reads my blog to begin with, I return like a batman!
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  1. one never knows when and where one's writing will be someone's inspiration, someone's companion.....:)

  2. I was in fact grieving your departure here. Thank god,OOps i thank your hubby for bringing you back to home, where you belong.....

  3. karmawangchu Says: you chickened out !! I am glad the cat women returns!!! very much looking forward to see more blogs.......

  4. Kinga Choden Says:

    Thank you guys...thank you for not laughing at me and for the warm welcome! Hahaha...I can't help laughing at myself though :P

    Karma, No I did not chicken out. I cattened out. Lemme know if the quakes hit you. I will come rescue you! Meow!! LOL (Glad to see you here though)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kinga,
    I am so glad you are back :)

    Your husband's pout which was bigger than Angelina Jolie’s is nothing compared to my smile that is broader than that of President Carters :)

  6. Kinga Choden Says:

    Haha..thank you anony dear. Keep the smile on!

  7. Lakey Says:

    Well, My O My..Didn't even know that! The link on our blog showed no updates, so we'd presumed that there was not updates and that it was a brief hiatus - as usual!

    Well, anyways, Homage to the Mighty one for the resurrection! :)

    PS: Didn't reckon on the Aussie air to have that effect on you! (^.^)

  8. iamDrukpa Says:

    Now Welcome Back Again!!!
    "All Artistes,
    No Matter How Delusional;
    Are True To Themselves... (i Said That!) :) Cheers!

  9. iamDrukpa Says:

    and i laud your husband - pout or no pout!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Damn, posting from a mobile is way too cumbersome haha. Anyway, just so u know how desperate a follower I am of your Blog .

  11. Kinga Choden Says:

    Lakey, I dunno but there's something about the Aussie air that's giving me the terrible hiccups! :P

    You said that and you said it well! Delusional and Drunken tendencies that I often get! You'd be surprised! Hehe.

    Thanks!! :)))

  12. just 2 post?? infact only 1... thats too bad!!!

  13. I didn't laugh, no madam!

  14. I didn't delete, and I'll not. I've no second thoughts. I'm still not laughing!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    You came back to go into hybernation? :) Been checking for updates. Rather laborious when commenting from the mobile :) :)

  16. Kinga Choden Says:

    LOL. Been rather busy Anon & will be so for some more days. Don't charge me for the laborious work though. :P Thanks for dropping by ! :)

  17. Penstar Says:

    Lo... I didn't know about it. Thank god you are here. You made a right decision in giving your blog a second chance. Welcome back!

  18. Kinga Choden Says:

    LOL. Thank ye Penstar !!

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