A man is born and bred so he can set his own goal for the journey of his life, irrespective of whether he reaches there, because in the end, it is never about the goal..it is all about the journey. A common man's usual goal is either prosperity or happiness. Yet, Buddhist practitioners may see this as mediocre wherein a man is led to revolve in his own circle of Karma. This confusion has led me to write the piece below. Help enlighten me if you please!


Life’s unending promises drive many
To the illusions of gold and riches
Or the hues of love and happiness
The assumed purposes above mediocrity
For a man to define himself

So on a lifelong journey sets he
Sweat on his brows
Ideal Dirt on his hand
Often beyond redemption
For dreams that crowned his mind

From my sister’s car on our way to town, I could see my car lined up to be washed at the Auto SPA in Babesa. I felt a tinge of utter remorse for temporarily abandoning it and wondered if it was sad and lonely as I imagined it to be. Then I shushed myself for such level of irrational attachment I had assumed with a non-living being.

My five year old daughter once looked at the mirror and tucked her tummy in, by holding her breath and said “I don’t want to be fat like Mandy “. Mandy, the victim of comparison here happens to be her unfortunate four year old cousin who is not in the least bit bothered about fashion or figure as long as she is well fed and comfortable in what she’s wearing. My daughter further declares that some of her friends at school wear light eye makeups and lip glosses, indicating that failure to follow suit would make her unforgivingly inferior to her friends. And her ambition in life, she says, is to become a fashionista (seemingly taking after her older cousin who models as a part time) and forcibly seeks our audience to applaud her ramp walks at home.

If love could be painted on a canvas, it would probably look like a multi-colored rainbow in an Autumn Sky and if it could be sung, it would probably sound like Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. Love may be multi-faceted yet it undeniably forms a huge chunk of whatever durable happiness a person can experience in life because love brings meanings and fulfillments in ways that nothing else in the world does. And once in a lifetime can someone make your knees wobble, and your heart summersault and when you do find such a person, you can be sure that he will turn your life around and downside up.