My five year old daughter once looked at the mirror and tucked her tummy in, by holding her breath and said “I don’t want to be fat like Mandy “. Mandy, the victim of comparison here happens to be her unfortunate four year old cousin who is not in the least bit bothered about fashion or figure as long as she is well fed and comfortable in what she’s wearing. My daughter further declares that some of her friends at school wear light eye makeups and lip glosses, indicating that failure to follow suit would make her unforgivingly inferior to her friends. And her ambition in life, she says, is to become a fashionista (seemingly taking after her older cousin who models as a part time) and forcibly seeks our audience to applaud her ramp walks at home.

If love could be painted on a canvas, it would probably look like a multi-colored rainbow in an Autumn Sky and if it could be sung, it would probably sound like Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. Love may be multi-faceted yet it undeniably forms a huge chunk of whatever durable happiness a person can experience in life because love brings meanings and fulfillments in ways that nothing else in the world does. And once in a lifetime can someone make your knees wobble, and your heart summersault and when you do find such a person, you can be sure that he will turn your life around and downside up.

The last few weeks, some friends commented when they saw me with what’s happened with your idol lines. I feel for Shashi Tharoor and the untimely demise of the beautiful woman he seemed besotted with. I have been reading news on this ever since his wife was found dead in a hotel. Man, what bad luck! And of all the time, it had to be just before elections! Or wait, maybe it is timely afterall! To bring down somebody as potential a candidate as Shashi Tharoor- it would take the just person he most loved. And here I was hoping all the while that he would possibly be the next Indian Presidential candidate! The turn of events in such a thing as politics is bizzare – some rise, others fall; whether this is all justifiable or fair is mind boggling. It’s a game for the thick skinned because they will either build a shrine around you or entomb you alive depending on which side of the game you are on. Only the tough ones will prevail…

We may own a place, a piece of land, a car or a country but can we ever really call them our own without ever struggling to protect what is ours till the end of us? Forget that, people weren’t even allowed to own their habits when smoking or chewing tobacco was banned some two or three years back at a time when it was easier to drink, dope or kill than smoke. A law is a law is a law and must be stringently applied across. However, when laws start acting funny, it calls for fiery frowns and judgments from the ones it is supposed to judge. Every single law is supposed to make things better for the society, not worse and for the record, the tobacco ban and its many amendments should have served as a lesson of sorts. But I guess, some people never really learn.